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S&S Having V-Street Perfomance Fun With Harley Street and Street Rod models

Great new stuff from S&S Cycle regarding the new High Flow Intake and Exhaust for the Harley Street and Street Rod models Both models represent a new take on the v-twin market and a solid platform for performance if you know how to do it. S&S Cycle knows, saw an opportunity and created a tunable […]

Khrome Werks 2-into-1 Torque Booster Conversion Kit For 2017 Harley Touring Models

Khrome Werls want you to obtain for your 2017 Harley Tourer the unmatched performance that a 2-into-1 system is offering. The Torque Booster Conversion Kit they sell converts your existing 2017 stock header into the torque and power producing of a 2-into-1 system. The kit includes a 4.50” HP-Plus 16 gauge Slip-On Muffler and a […]

MagnaFlow Bandit Exhaust System For Softail Models

As all custom systems, The Bandit is designed to deliver upgraded power and turn heads. It features cutting edge contrast design of the exposed muffler tips and embossed MF bands in gloss black or brushed stainless steel finishes will instantly transform the look of your bike. Durable Magna-Black coated 1 ¾” stainless steel head pipes […]

Cobra 4-Inch Slip-On With Contrast Cut Tip For Harley-Davidson Baggers

This is a four-inch diameter muffler with a mechanical core that has a tone similar to the Cobra 909 Twins mufflers. It comes equipped with a machined aluminum tip, finished in black with machined contrasting cuts. The new Cobra logo is stamped on the right hand side muffler. Available in chrome with black tip and […]

Vance & Hines Power Duals for 2017 Touring Models

Designed for the 2017 Harley FL lineup, these Power Duals integrates an exclusive Vance & Hines Power Chamber hidden behind a contoured heat shield that generates more horsepower and torque than stock. This new right side design eliminates the heat issues on the left side for the passenger, routing hot exhaust gases below the foot […]

Almost Unlimited Length. Limited Time Only.

For the very few among you into the SoCal Lowrider style, Samson proposes these Cholo longtail pipes. Almost unlimited length from up to 42” in 1 7/8” or 2 1/4” diameter. A sure way to make people notice your Harley Softail or Touring bike…Samson Exhaust 605-720-7676.

Zipper’s Performance Parts For The Indian Scout. 15 Extra HP. 17 Extra FT/LB Torque.

Sold individually or packaged as a Zipper’s Kit with a pre-mapped Power Commander tuner, Zipper’s now offers products to significantly improve performance and sound of the Indian Scout and Indian Scout Sixty.It includes: 1- Premium 4” SuperZip mufflers. They feature a louvered baffle design that promotes early and mid-range torque, while allowing maximum HP at […]

Screamin’ Eagle Street Cannon Performance Slip-on Mufflers For Harley Milwaukee Eight

These Screaming’ Eagle slip-on mufflers (P/N 64900552 Chrome, P/N 64900553 Satin Black; $499.95*) are designed specifically for the Milwaukee-Eight engine to enhance airflow and power by reducing exhaust gas back-pressure and enhancing the effects of wave and inertia scavenging. They are 4.5-inch-diameter mufflers having a unique baffle design to produce a richer, deeper tone at […]

New 2 Into 1 Upsweep Exhaust For Dyna And Sportster

Described as capturing the essence of the urban scene, this new exhaust is a brawler focusing on street power with the benefit of improved cornering clearance. Featuring a sculpted collector heat shield, a CNC machined a billet end cap and sold with an optional quiet baffle. Available in chrome or black for Dyna & Sportster […]

Brass Balls Cycles Aluminum Ribbed Exhaust Tips

Some exhaust pipes are too plain and visually boring, especially drag pipes. The solution is to dress them up with tips. These ones are classic enough to work perfectly with many bike styles. Brass Balls Cycles use these ribbed tips on many of their custom projects and decided to market them, targeting individuals and small […]

Destroyer Exhaust For Harley Baggers

Parts from custom builders are born as one-off, usually for radical projects. As is this Destroyer exhaust now available from the Covngtons shop. Bold, powerful looking, it features a 3-step header with a patented Covingtons wide collector. It is sold with heat shields, short baffles, O2 ports plug and the necessary mounting hardware. Will fit […]

RSD Track 2-Into-1 High Pipe By Vance & Hines For Sportster And Softail Models

To design the Track 2-into-1 High Pipe, RSD took the original Tracker Pipe and decreased the weight, improved the performance and simplified the tip. The result is an exhaust offering very high ground clearance and a very aggressive look. Inspired by an exhaust you might find on a high speed, wide-open flat track racer, these […]

Maverick 2.5” Slip-Ons For Victory Octane

Owners of the the 1200 cc Victory Octane, the “modern muscle bike”, have a new choice regarding their exhaust system. The Maverick 2.5” slip-ons by Crusher were conceived for increased performance, providing hard-hitting exhaust notes and an even more aggressive styling. Crusher’s principal entry for the Victory Motorcycles segment is stated to create a proven […]

Tour With A Rockstar

The Rockstar Exhaust System delivers custom style and 2 into 1 performance. The Hi-Flow louver core produces upgraded horsepower gains over stock with untamed, deep, aggressive sound quality. The Rockstar features 2½” heat shields that cover Magna-Black coated, 1¾” stainless steel head pipes. The rotating 3” scallop cut tip allows you to customize your Rockstar […]

Rinehart Racing Ships Its First Products For All 2017 Harley-Davidson Touring Models, Including Milwaukee Eight

Rinehart Racing, the company born of a NASCAR racing heritage, has completed its first shipment of exhaust systems designed to fit all 2017 Harley-Davidson touring bikes and the Milwaukee-Eight power plant. The Rinehart Racing Slip-Ons feature the performance, sound and style that Rinehart Racing products are known for, as well as the iconic Rinehart Racing […]

Baritone Slip-Ons. A New Tune For Your Exhaust.

Firebrand’s new Baritone Slip-Ons were inspired by the shape of a classic microphone. Available in show quality chrome or black ceramic mufflers and with your choice of chrome, black or contrast cut billet end caps. The Baritone 4” Slip-on’s fit all Harley Touring models including Tri-Glides and those with extended and skirted bags (Freewheeler specific […]

RCX Exhaust 4.5” Slip-on Mufflers For 2017 Harley Touring Models

RC Components has just released the new RCX Exhaust 4.5” Slip-on Mufflers for 2017 HD Touring models. These new mufflers are truly unique in design while offering an incredibly deep and smooth exhaust tone. Each muffler features a full length 4.5″ diameter muffler body with a precision tuned 3 inch stepped core baffle. This unique […]

Hear The Awesome Sound Of The RCX Exhaust 2-Into-1 Header System By RC Components

This 2-into1 header system performs at the top of its class by offering big power and awesome styling. The one-of-a-kind design of the RCX 2-into-1 exhaust features a multi-stepped header that flows into a chambered collector creating massive low and mid range torque. Tying this system all together is a large full-body 4.5” diameter muffler which […]

Hunter Klee Joins S&S Cycle As Director Of Exhaust Development

S&S Cycle of Viola, Wisconsin welcomes Hunter Klee to its Exhaust Design/ Manufacturing team in the role of Director of Exhaust Development. Hunter brings a decade of powersports exhaust design and manufacturing expertise and will help manage the recently created state of the art facility in the La Crosse, Wisconsin facility. Most recently Klee was […]

Vanquish Touring Mufflers

If you like fancy details to create your own tourer style, these mufflers by Ken Nagai feature an evident hot-rod nostalgia look that you may looking for. The Vanquish slip-ons provide a deep, lower tone that the factory ones. Offered in chrome or black, with either black or polished end caps. Ken’s Factory USA offers […]

New Crusher Marksman & Crusader 4” Slip-Ons For Harley-Davidson Tourers

The hallmarks of Crusher® are style, sound and performance, and the new Marksman and Crusader 4” Slip-Ons deliver. Available for Harley-Davidson® Touring and Trike models, Crusher’s latest muffler offerings showcase clean laser-cut styling, commanding exhaust tones, and an all-new louvered baffle design for improved performance throughout the RPM range. Marksman and Crusader mufflers are made […]

4½” Top Gun Slip-ons For Harley Touring 1995-2016

You like it when the claim “amazing rich, deep, thundering bass sound” can be demonstrated by a sound clip. It’s below. These Top Gun slip-ons also offer reduced decibels at cruising speed making them the a good upgrade for long haul performance minded riders. The Pro-Flow, 3 step perforated baffle cores are engineered to generate […]

New Rip-Rod Slip-Ons for Sportsters

The duo John Peck, an ex Vice-President of Manufacturing at Vance & Hines and Leigh Crawford. also ex Vance & Hines Research and Development Department, intends to only produce cutting edge exhaust products. Their newest ones are these Sportster Rip-Rod slip-ons featuring retro-styled ripple pipes and caps. The Rip-Rod Slip-Ons feature 2 ¼” rippled muffler […]

One-Sided. New 2 Into 1 Bagger Exhaust System By RC Components.

Define your bike own bagger personality with this new one-sided 2 into 1 header system just released by RC Components. It features a 3-step head pipe transitioning into 4.5” mufflers. This multi-stepped header flows into a chambered collector creating massive low and mid range torque. The 4.5” diameter mufflers can be customized with 10 different […]

Crusher Maverick 2 Into 2 Full Exhaust System For Harley Sportster, Dyna & Softail

Featuring a bold styling with signature precision-machined billet aluminum tips and offering a solid hp and torque gain, there is a Maverick system available for your Sportster, Dyna or Softail. Offered in chrome or black ceramic coated mufflers with embossed stainless steel bands and black ceramic coated billet aluminum. They are sold with high flow […]

“Up Yours” Exhaust For 2000-Up Harley Touring Models

John Shope’s Dirty Bird Concepts released the all-black version of their “Up Yours” exhaust system. Previously offered only in chrome, riders now have this new option. The all-black exhaust comes equipped with the all-black standard tip. The chrome exhaust comes with your choice of either the standard tip or the diamond tip for those looking […]

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