Top 10 fuel-efficient diesel cars in India

13th Dec 2017 6:09 pm

Concerned about mileage – diesels may be losing their sheen due to the emissions scandals but are still some of the most fuel efficient cars around.

Up until and after the Dieselgate scandal that broke in 2015, diesel carried a reputation of being a 'dirty' fuel and has been thought to be primarily used for commercial transportation, rather than personal. However, the modern diesel engine delivers a proposition that is hard to resist – namely fuel efficiency and low carbon dioxide emissions (nitrous oxides and sulphates still require quite a bit of reduction though!); along with low-end torque, making driving more effortless. Some of the newer diesels also have a fun-to-drive aspect. These engines are more capable of withstanding the rigors of high compression and ensuring the longevity of the motor. They also require less maintenance, while maintaining a higher resale value.

Fuel efficiency is still one of the foremost factors that drives the Indian consumer, when it comes to buying a car. Hence, here’s our list of the 10 most fuel efficient diesel cars currently on sale in India.

Though the figures quoted ahead are ARAI certified, they do not reflect real-world efficiency figures as those tests are conducted in the lab under ideal conditions.

1. Maruti Dzire (Diesel) – 28.4kpl

The fastest-selling vehicle in India is also the most fuel-efficient vehicle on sale, today. Thanks to its 78hp, 1.3-litre, DDiS diesel engine mated to a lightweight body, the Dzire can go an impressive 28.4km on one litre of diesel. The Dzire is a class leader for various reasons, such as its styling and build quality, roomy cabin and equipment list – in addition to Maruti’s excellent after-sales network. Priced from Rs 7.24 lakh (on-road, Delhi), it is no wonder it won our six-car compact sedan comparison.

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2. Maruti Ciaz (SHVS) – 28.09 kpl

The Ciaz has been an extremely strong seller in the compact sedan segment, holding up well against the segment pioneer, the Honda City. A lot of the Ciaz’s positives include its plush cabin, peppy performance and the extremely fuel-efficient mild hybrid SHVS diesel engine producing 89hp and delivering a compelling 28.09kpl. It is priced at Rs 9.09 lakh (on-road, Delhi)

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3. Maruti Baleno – 27.39kpl


Maruti’s first premium hatchback, the Baleno, has been yet another class leader in its segment, when pitted against the Hyundai i20 and Honda Jazz. The Baleno is a well-rounded vehicle and offers customers an array of equipment, premium styling as well as superb fuel efficiency. It is priced at Rs 7.47 lakh (on-road, Delhi)

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4. Honda Jazz – 27.3kpl

The Honda Jazz blends clever interior packaging, legendary Honda reliability and a frugal fuel economy that has made it the car to look out for in the severely contested premium hatchback segment. The 1.5-litre diesel engine is powerful enough for the Jazz and as a bonus, also ensures it foots low fuel bills. The on-road price, Delhi is Rs 8.19 lakh.

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5. Tata Tiago – 27.28kpl

Tata recently rolled out the 1 lakh Tiago from its factory, in Gujarat. With a spacious, well-appointed cabin, aggressive price tag, European styling and an impressive ARAI fuel efficiency rating of 27.28kpl, the Tiago offers great value-for-money motoring. The on-road, Delhi price is Rs 4.46 lakh.

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6. Maruti Ignis – 26.8kpl


The Ignis is a quirky little crossover, which is refreshingly different with its plethora of customization options and 'tall boy' design that harks back to Suzukis of yore. It unsurprisingly features an extremely fuel-efficient engine. Powered by the same 1.3-litre diesel engine that features in many other Marutis, the Ignis continues to be a potent combination of premium features, comfort and fuel frugality. Its on-road price, Delhi is Rs 7.40 lakh.

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7. Ford Figo (Diesel) – 25.83kpl

The successor to the previous-gen Figo, this refreshed Figo from Ford has been a sales success, thanks to its long feature list, safety kit packaging and the 1.5-litre diesel engine under its boot that delivers 25.83kpl – which means the Figo ensures low fuel bills and is extremely frugal. On-road Delhi prices for this car start at Rs 6.39 lakh.

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8. Ford Figo Aspire (Diesel) – 25.83kpl

The compact sedan sibling of the Figo, the Aspire gets everything right, much like its hatchback sibling; including the big fuel efficiency number and the addition of a boot – both have increased its practicality. The on-road, Delhi prices for the car start at Rs 7.60 lakh.

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9. Honda Amaze (Diesel) – 25.8kpl

While it hasn’t been a great sales success, Honda’s compact sedan has won much acclaim for its spacious cabin and punchy 1.5-litre i-DTEC Earth Dreams diesel engine which delivers great fuel efficiency, for its class. It has recently received a facelift – Honda armed it with sharper looks and better features, making the Amaze an even greater value proposition. Prices for the Amaze on-road, Delhi start at Rs 7.54 lakh.

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10. Honda City (Diesel) – 25.6kpl

The compact executive sedan segment leader now features an aluminum, 1.5-litre, i-DTEC diesel engine that is hugely fuel-efficient and offers a good low and mid-end performance. It’s a great car, both to drive as well as be driven around in. Honda refreshed its iconic vehicle, earlier this year, with more features and an all-new top-end variant. Price of the Honda City on-road, Delhi is Rs 12.71 lakh.

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