The Forged Invitational Returns To Jekyll Island, Georgia This Weekend March 16 -18

Right now the cars and bikes are traveling their way from far and wide to make it to the island by this Friday. Organisers have picked an amazing group of cars, motorcycles, and people they feel will provide a fun, learning, and entertaining experience for all involved.

The Forged Invitational opens up this Friday at 2pm during the Caffeine and Octane Car Show in Jekyll Island, Georgia. The Forged Invitational will showcase a limited collection of 40+ cars and motorcycles, curated and hand-selected by Custom Builder Bryan Fuller. The collection will be prominently featured overlooking the ocean. Friday 2pm – Sunday 2pm.

Admission is FREE and open to the public.

Also several workshops together with JET Tools featuring JET Masters

Lincoln Electric Welding Workshop. Saturday 12:30-2pm | $30
Get training from Professional Welding Instructor, Mark Prosser. This workshop provides personalized training in TIG welding process, materials, puddle manipulation techniques, testing your welds, fillers, tungsten, polarities, procedures and more! Includes a beginner welder’s guide book.

JET Tools Sheet Metal Fab Basics. Saturday 2:30-4pm | $30
Learn basic sheet metal forming and welding from the pros. This workshop will help you learn the skills you need for basic sheet metal shaping and fabrication. Learn how to english wheel, shrink and stretch metal, welding techniques, hammer and dolly work, and how to use the basic hand tools. Ask questions at the end about your project! Includes a basic sheet metal guide book.

Walking Tour with Celebrity Hosts Bryan Fuller and Kevin Byrd/ Saturday 11-noon | $25
Walk with Custom Master Builder, Caffeine and Octane TV Host, Bryan Fuller and “Two Guys Garage” and Ford Advanced Powertrain Engineer Kevin Byrd! Get up close and personal with the top cars and motorcycles of the the show! Bryan is also the Lead Curator of The Forged Invitational and has hand-picked a selection of exclusively featured custom cars and bikes to be on display at this year’s Caffeine and Octane At The Beach Event.

Walking Tour with C&O TV Host, Skip Smith Saturday 1-2pm | $25
Walk with Classic Car Expert, Caffeine and Octane TV Host, Skip Smith. Skip will hand-pick some of his favorite cars from the show and share their history, design details and unique modifications.

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  1. 1 Pat h Mar 14th, 2018 at 8:30 pm

    Admission is free but !!!! I guess I understand that, 25 30 bucks will weed the the general population out of the little workshops it seems like a better deal than the trailer park side show going on south of there

  2. 2 Tracy Roman Mar 20th, 2018 at 2:15 am

    Advantageously, the article is really the best on this notable topic. I harmonize with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your approaching updates.

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