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“Your smile is your logo. Your personality is your business card. How you leave others feeling after an experience with you is your trademark”

4 Responses to “Thought Of The Day”

  1. 1 Gym Mar 21st, 2016 at 12:15 pm

    The person that pinned this thought must have known my ex-wife to a tee.

  2. 2 Lugnut Mar 21st, 2016 at 5:21 pm

    Said to a fellow calling out to another’s significant other, ” Hey buddy, that’s no lady, that’s my wife!”

  3. 3 nicker Mar 21st, 2016 at 8:04 pm

    And if you expect nothing you won’t be disappointed……

    Remember, Life isn’t a popularity contest.


  4. 4 garagedog Mar 21st, 2016 at 10:20 pm

    I think it was the Cheshire Cat that said, ” If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”
    I am off and running!

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