Ken’s Factory Neo-Fusion One-Piece Riser Clamp and Matching Dog Bone Risers

1ken2ken3kenAs a prototype, this setup was adorning Ken Nagai’s most recent winning custom bikes. And now the Neo-Fusion style One-Piece Riser Clamp and Billet Dog Bone Risers s available for purchase. Old, tried and true meets new and improved.

The Neo-Fusion One-Piece Riser Clamp for stock H-D ‘Glide model applications with 1” bars. Featuring • Hinged, 1-piece billet aluminum design. • Inspired by Hydroglide styling with a modern approach to style and strength • Embellished with brass Ken’s Factory emblem • Polished aluminum or black.
The matching Billet Dog Bone Risers are available separately or bundled with the clamps. Features include • 5” height • In polished aluminum por black

These products are in stock and can be ordered online at at

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  1. 1 mazz Nov 23rd, 2015 at 9:08 am

    Nice but the price is very steep, I know a lot of work goes into machining this stuff but wow, too rich for my blood that’s for sure.

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