BDL Chain Drive Primary Kit For Softail Models Now Includes Competitor Clutch Mechanism

1BDLThe popular CDC-1-90 chain drive primary kit for 1990-2006 Softail models by . is now sold with BDL’s Competitor Clutch. Developed for street and high performance applications the Competitor provides instantaneous and absolute transfer of power to the rear wheel with a smooth, comfortable lever.

A patented 7-plate Kevlar clutch provides at least 60% more clutch surface than stock and the 9-spring pressure plate provides varying spring pressure needed for use with both stock and highly modified engines. This unique plate allows you to simply add or subtract springs to achieve the tension that is appropriate for your bike and riding style.

Chain drive kit for Big Twin electric start includes front sprocket, rear basket with Competitor Clutch, Diamond primary chain & adjuster assembly. For additional details, current pricing and ordering information visit your local BDL dealer or visit their all-inclusive site at

Kit components

A. Diamond primary chain CDPC-100
B. Compensator sprocket CS-25A
C. Compensator nut CSN-100
D. Clutch springs CDCS-100
E. Shoulder bolts (for chain drive only) CDSB-100
F. Hardware kit for chain drive CDHK-100
G. Pressure plate CDPP-100
H. Adjusting screw CDAS-100
I. Main shaft hub nut CDHN-100
J. Chain drive clutch kit CDDCP-100
K. 9 tooth starter pinion gear PG-300

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