Winter Is Engine Upgrade Season

Zippers is among the couple of US companies able to provide the best solution to all of your engine upgrade and rebuild needs. Your buddies on their new 103’s and 110’s kicking sand in your face?  You don’t have to spring for a new bike to keep up, just breathe some new life into your TC88 or EV80! Zipper’s has spent 33 years developing packages that deliver promised performance in a single part number – no need to have to figure out fuel or ignition curves as their kits include pre-programmed components with curves that they have already worked out. Or, if you like to be the head chef in your kitchen, they can supply just the ingredients you need to create your own masterpiece. Every kit component sold by is available individually.

Zippers Muscle 95 top-end packages for TC88 engines will reliably flat-out smoke a 96″ or 103″ factory engine – mile after mile, year after year. Their 80/80 kit for EV Big Twins puts over 80 rear wheel horsepower at the twist of your wrist, with earth-moving torque topping 90 ft/lbs.

And then there are the Muscle series kits for 2007 and later 4-3/8″ stroke (96/103/110″) Twin Cam® engines boosting their output without sacrificing durability or drivability. These kits strike a perfect balance of torque and horsepower, and are designed to start easily, run without additives or special fuels while maintaining excellent heat management. Tour or Tear, you choose

Let’s not forget Sportsters®, a model that Zipper’s raced. The EV Sportster® engine platform has almost as many choices as a small block Chevy when it comes to performance upgrades. The Torkster 883-1200 conversion kits offer the highest percentage of bang-for-the-buck they offer, while the Zipper’s Hammer series 1200 and 88″ kits will forever silence a”ll girl’s bike” comments!

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