Front End Cartridge Kit Upgrades For Riding The UnRoads

1FKA100series2FKA100seriesFront-end upgrades are now available from Öhlins for Adventure bikes and Dual-Purpose motorcycles. The Öhlins FKA 100-series drop-in Cartridge Kits benefit from the lineage of Öhlins championship-winning road-racing kits, with applications for many medium weight models of burly bikes.

Tuned for riding long miles on difficult terrain, the Öhlins Cartridge Kits provide smooth comfort everywhere, from riding tame routes to crossing insane roots, from tarmac to terrain. Developed from NIX technology, in which the compression and rebound damping are segregated to separate fork legs, these Cartridge Kits multiply and maximize the damping performance available within the confines of factory fork tubes.

Like all of Öhlins suspension products, the adventure Cartridge Kits are fully serviceable and rebuildable, and require the proprietary Öhlins suspension oil. The FKA 100 Cartridge Kits are fully adjustable, with rebound damping on one leg, compression on the other, and preload on both legs, transforming adventure motorcycles with improved comfort and heightened dynamic performance. Availability includes the BMW F800 GS, Triumph Tiger 800 and 800 XC, and the base-model Ducati Multistrada, with many more models being added throughout the season. Different spring rates are available. Öhlins USA can be ed at: 828-692-4525.

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  1. 1 Stony Crane Dec 23rd, 2013 at 10:39 am

    We used these in the forks of our race bikes at Lion Racing and they worked really well. BTW, I used White Power rear shocks on my CVO Dyna and it transformed the bike, in a good way.

  1. 1 WUNDERLICH BMW F800GS 2014 Pingback on Dec 27th, 2013 at 2:18 pm
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