5 and 6 Speed Countershaft Bearing Remover and Installer Tool

JIMSBearingThis new JIMS® exclusive and patent pending tool will install or remove the closed end countershaft bearing on all 5-Speed, or 6-Speed transmissions without using a press or tapping it in with a transmission shaft. For use on all H-D Cruise Drive      6-Speeds, 5-Speed Twin Cam, and Evo including 6-speed right side drive and aftermarket 6-Speeds. This is a precision hand tool designed to install the bearing square and to the proper depth, the JIMS way. All JIMS manufactured tools are machined here in the USA and are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects. For more information us at [email protected], visit or call 805-482-6913.

1 Response to “5 and 6 Speed Countershaft Bearing Remover and Installer Tool”

  1. 1 knuckleheadmotor Sep 19th, 2013 at 6:15 am

    It’s about time, someone made one for sale, why good old H-D never suggested it I have no clue. I guess when you completely rebuild a transmission you don’t worry about the debris that gets in a closed end bearing and yet you “rebuild it” in a couple of hours time according to the FLAT RATE BOOK???. I made a 5 speed threaded bearing pusher years ago, used a spare trap door to pilot it off of, haven’t had a 6 speed apart yet.

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