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Fast Motorcycle Industry News

22nd Annual Motorcycle and Scooter Ride To Work Day Is Monday June 17, 2013. The mission is to increase public and governmental awareness about the societally positive values of transportation and utility riding. To reach record-setting numbers of riders to participate, spread the word by every means possible – word of mouth, print ads, web […]

Avon Tyres Introduces Cobra Combination For Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Models

Available now, Avon Tyres has a great new Cobra tire combination for the popular Harley-Davidson Fat Boy (2007 model year and newer), Screamin’ Eagle® Fat Boy (2006 model year), and Fat Boy Lo® (2010 model year and newer). Avon states that the new Cobra 140/75R17 Cobra AV71 (front) and 200/55R17 Cobra AV72 (rear) make the […]

S&S Cycle Celebrates Its 55th Anniversary And You Are Invited.

On Friday June 21st and Saturday June 22nd, 2013 S&S Cycle will celebrate their 55th anniversary this and they would like like everyone to join them for the celebration party. It will take place at the Oktoberfest grounds in La Crosse, Wisconsin, with a side trip to the S&S factory in Viola for breakfast, plant […]

Helmet Lok. Promise Kept.

Quite a few products, more or less efficient, already available to bikers to prevent your helmet to end up on the head of a stranger. Every once in a while a product comes along that gets a forehead slap and a “Why didn’t they think of that“.  The Helmet Lok is one of those products, designed […]

Mindy. Built For Extra Riding Fun.

You may wonder what makes a custom builder build this type of bike. But if you follow the work of Bryan Schimke at TPJ Customs you will realize that “Mindy” has a direct filiation with the more “classic” creations that the shop has built. Same very naked/bony bikes with a lot of one-off parts (but […]

Flashback. On An Indian Motorcycle Cross Country Trip.

Café Style Bars For Your Harley Sportster

Ready for a re-play of the ton-up subculture? Following the release of a Café Seat Section and of several Suspension Setups to transform your Sportster into a corner eating machine , Burly Brand is offering the Clubman Bars, a signature trait of all authentic Cafe Racers.  They were low, attached to the stock mounting location, […]

J&P Cycles 34th Annual Open House Rally Is June 29-30, 2013

Each June among the cornfields in Eastern Iowa one of the largest two day motorcycle events in the Midwest takes place. The small town of Anamosa, Iowa with a population of approximately 5,500, home to the J&P Cycles headquarters, hosts the annual J&P Cycles Open House Rally. Last year more than 30,000 motorcyclists and spectators […]

Joke Of The Week

An attorney arrived home late, after a very tough day trying to get a stay of execution.  His last minute plea for clemency to the governor had failed and he was feeling worn out and depressed. As soon as he walked through the door at home, his wife started on him about, “What time of […]

No Kickstand Frame Kit For Harley Touring Bikes

You may wonder why anyone would like his bagger to rest sitting flat on the ground. Hate for the kickstand? Stability? Looks? Piece of conversation? To score extra points in bike show competitions? Is there any interest for a frame setup letting you do this? Curtis Hoffman thinks so and created the “No-Kickstand Lay-Frame” kit […]

New GMA Banded Grips

A classic shape revisited by GMA (a division of Belt Drives Limited) Conceived to provide a custom look while while still remaining comfortable. CNC machined for positive finger placement the new grips are fit with 3 durable rubber style bands to produce exceptional grip. Additionally each GMA throttle grip is manufactured with integral throttle pipe for […]

Spectro Heavy Duty STL Transmission Oil Specifically Engineered For The Harley Sportster Engine.

Spectro Oils of America, based in Brookfield, CT, has launched the Platinum Heavy Duty STL Harley Sportster Transmission Lube. Spectro 6 speed synthetic technology is now available for the Harley® Sportster and Buell®. This fully formulated synthetic transmission lubricant is engineered to work in all applications where the same oil lubricates the clutch, primary, and […]

Bill Is Introduced To Prohibit Federal Funding Of Motorcycle Only Checkpoints

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) reports that Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner from Wisconsin, announced Monday, April 15th that he will file a bill to prohibit the federal funding of motorcycle only roadside checkpoints. Sensenbrenner had this to say in a “Dear Colleague” that is circulating in the House of Representatives. “In the 112th Congress, I introduced […]

Second Edition Of European Wheels & Waves

Although this event is in Europe (in France, city of Biarritz) this coming June 13-16, 2013, I think everybody will enjoy watching this short video of guys riding their old sleds (BSA, Norton, Triumph) in a beautiful winter landscape, trying to convince the largest number to participate to this 2nd edition event. (Note: Wheels & […]

The History Of The Rivera SU Carburetor

SU Carburetor  History: Back in the early 70’s, Rivera got its start when Mel Magnet (The Founder of Rivera Engineering) took off SU carburetors from some British cars and did some magic to adapt them to Harleys. In 1974, Custom Chopper Magazine sponsored the “Search for King Carb” shoot-out between all the top carburetors back […]

Rob Zombie To Perform August 7th At Buffalo Chip Bike Fest

Whether you’re a music fan, horror movie fan, or an innocent bystander, there are few names as immediately recognizable as Rob Zombie. Over the years Rob Zombie has managed to transcend pop culture mediums, Iconically influencing and earning the respect of multiple generations of rock fans and movie fans worldwide. Rob Zombie will headline the […]

Summer Job. Ice Cream Sandwich Motorcycle Vendor.

Want to make money doing what you love the most, riding a motorcycle. After the food cart, the ice cream sandwich bicycles, now the ice cream sandwich motorcycle. The “Milk Cut” featured here is the idea of childhood friends Patrick Griffith and Ed Cornell. They will not be able to cover more than their city […]

Precious Ride. 22 Titanium Custom Bike.

Disappointment, it’s not made out of 22 Titanium. Not really, the builder/owner being a very good airbrush artist you would swear it is when standing close to the bike like I did while covering 3 weeks ago the Custom Chrome Europe Bike Show Series in Mainz, Germany. A reputable motorcycle painter sees a lot of […]

Jesse James Touring Again. West Coast Choppers This Coming Weekend At The Austin MotoGP.

Jesse reminded me that it will be the 1st time in 5 years that West Coast Choppers is present in a motorcycle related event with a booth and several of his custom bikes on display. The return of Jesse James on the show tour starts this weekend (April 19-20-21, 2013) in his hometown of Austin […]

Fairing Mounted Mirrors

Designed specifically for H-D® Batwing fairings, these mirrors mount just inside the inner fairing, while providing a wide range of adjustability. Available in a chrome finish, with glass measuring approximately 4 1/4” x 4”, comes with or without blind spot mirror. Includes mounting hardware and sold in pairs. Fits 96-13 FLHX/H-D trike models and suggested […]

“One More Mile” By Jim Lightfoot

Jim Lightfoot completed this piece last week and you are the first ones to see it.  “One More Mile” is a rarely seen depiction of an all too familiar situation that those who ride know well, Sometimes those “storms” are wrecks, break downs…or jail.  Or it’s simply the elements you have to battle together just […]

Strong Support. Cast Steel Weld-On Rear Fender Bracket

Jesse at the Gasbox made these cast steel, weld-on rear fender mount brackets, meant for welding to the seat cross bar on rigid frames. Cut, grind, file to make it your own. You can rework the radius that fits against your fender or flatten it out to fit the profile of the fender you are […]

Ride Into An Avengers mission With Iron Man. Win A Custom Harley Street Bob.

This is your chance to ride into an Avengers mission with Iron Man. Just create your hero and choose your machine. You and your Harley® bike could be drawn into an Avengers comic featuring Iron Man. Four first prize winners will receive: Their likeness drawn into an Avengers comic. A trip to San Diego to […]

Harness High-performance Power With New Screamin’ Eagle Variable Pressure Clutch.

This Screamin’ Eagle Variable Pressure Clutch (P/N 37000121, $289.95) from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor accessories is designed to enhance the performance of an original equipment clutch. This bolt-on kit uses the centrifugal force of spinning weights to apply increasing pressure to the stock clutch pressure plate as RPM rises. Peak clutch tension is increased from 120 […]

Quail Motorcycle Gathering. Saturday May 4, 2013

The Quail Lodge & Golf Club, California will welcome the day-long  5th annual event celebrating motorcycling heritage and performance to be held on Saturday, May 4th. The Quail Motorcycle Gathering features displays by leading manufacturers, dealerships and accessory and lifestyle vendors, culinary pavilions, brew tents, live entertainment and much more. This year, special guest is racing legend […]

New Fat Katz 30″ Tombstone Classic Steel Front Fender For Harley FL Models

More choice for those looking to go tall with their Harley FL bike. A 30″ steel strong front fender (13 gauge) called the Tombstone FLC 107 keeping the Harley overall design for front and tail cut. This new fender is sold with pre-drilled holes (you can request without) and billet spacers for bolt-on installation. The […]

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