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No-Joke Of The week. Suspect Number One Is A Certain Harley Davidson

For a change, a true story. Policemen in Brazil in a hunt for a thief are embarrassed after an hilarious case of mistaken identity. They were looking for a man responsible or numerous armed carjackings in the town of Guapo. They found clothing – an emblazoned cap & tee-shirt – at the scene of one […]

New TV Show On Travel Channel Will Feature Custom Builder Ron Finch

“Edge Of America” is about an arts and entertainment journalist named Geoff Edgers traveling the country to experience firsthand the events, sports and hobbies that keep America entertained. Because as you know, Americans will do just about anything,including the wonderful, the weird and the crazy to entertain themselves. Going where he doesn’t belong, last September […]

Another Simple Plug And Go Charger For All Your Electronic Devices

If you keep a battery tender cable attached to your battery, there is a small, simple solution, no extra cable required, to charge your smart phone, MP3 player, tablet, etc while on the go. It’s a charger that you plug directly into the 2-Pin SAE connection typically used for trickle charging batteries. Previous solutions have […]

New Indian Motorcycle Inspiration

Short exchange between Mike Wolfe from TV Series American Picker and Indian Motorcycle designer Greg Brew about the new Indian Motorcycle model and how it will take inspiration from the past and preserve the brand history.

Replacement Motor Sprocket For Late Harley-Davidson Big Twins

New to the Evolution Industries line up of driveline parts is the 34 Tooth Motor Sprocket for 2006 & later Dyna and 2007 and later Big Twins models. It eliminates the compensator and runs solid in your primary, preventing slippage on your hot motor set up. It also eliminates the issues of disintegrating stock or […]

From Buell To Ducati To Buell. You Are Looking At A Bucati.

The fact that on October 30, 2009 the Buell Motorcycle Company closed its doors – bringing an end to a 26-year run – didn’t change the love story that many riders and builders continue to have with the brand. An affection reenforced by the successful launch in November 2009 of Erik Buell Racing, an independent […]

Saddlemen Renegade “Heels Down” Seat For Smaller Riders

The Saddlemen Heels Down seat is conceived to be the right fit for smaller riders or anyone that enjoys the ability to stand flat-footed at stops. It positions the rider lower and forward, providing better control over the bike and inspiring confidence while riding and stopping. The low, wide saddle is also contoured to allow […]

Thought Of The Day

“It is not goodness to be better than the worst.” Seneca.

1st Picture Of New Indian Motorcycle Engine Crankshaft

Ducati North America Announced Record Sales For 2012

Ducati North America just announced record sales for 2012, the company’s best year in this market with total sales of motorcycles up 21% and a 42% increase in its apparel division. Chief Executive Cristiano Silei thanked passionate Ducati fans (fyi, they are called “Ducatisti”) for the company’s best year in this market and said that […]

Polaris CEO Scott Wine On Indian Motorcycle

Victory Celebrates 15th Anniversary With Specially Equipped Cross Country Tour Limited Edition

Yesterday at the New York IMS show, Victory kicked off its 15th Anniversary celebration with the introduction of a Cross Country Tour Limited Edition. This bike combines industry-leading touring performance, style and comfort with a salute to the first Victory motorcycle ever built 15 years ago. Only 150 of these specially equipped versions of the […]

Custom Built In 3 Days. Almost…

This drag racer style bike was built during a 3-day build-off front of the visitors of a large European Bike Show… Well, you know (I hope) that it’s absolutely impossible to build a full custom in a weekend, except when it’s a Build-Off for a TV series and what you watch is of course the […]

French Car Maker Peugeot Unveils RCZ Arlen Ness Edition

The news may surprise many because except the word CUSTOM, there is a world between Peugeot cars and choppers. Peugeot has revealed the first details on a one-off RCZ named after custom motorcycle builder Arlen Ness. It will be unveiled this weekend (January 18-19-20) at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona, Italy.

The Wonders Of Machine Forging

Hydraulic tables, scroll machines, embossing, end forging, bending, drilling, etc. The wonders of machine forging…

Official S&S Cycle Engine And Transmission Oils By Spectro Now Available.

S&S Cycle announces the introduction of a new line of premium drive train lubricants for Harley-Davidson and other American v-twin motorcycles. This S&S premium line of lubricants was developed by a collaborative effort between S&S and Spectro Oils of Brookfield, CT. S&S company president Steve Iggens explains, “The relationship between S&S Cycle and Spectro is […]

26 Inch White Wall Vee Rubber Tire

Although requiring more maintenance to keep them appealing, white wall tires associated with the right bike type are extremely beautiful. As you know, they are not available in many sizes, especially the size you just want… Vee Rubber just released the first 26″ white wall tire, completing an offering already including: For the front 120/70/21, […]

Victory Motorcycles. 15 Years Young and Just Getting Started.

A limited edition 15th Anniversary model will be introduced at the International Motorcycle Show in New York City, this weekend Jan. 18-20. It will be unveiled publicly on Friday, Jan. 18, at 6 p.m. (EST) at the Victory display in the Jacob K. Javits Center. It was 15 years ago that the first Victory motorcycles […]

Between Past And Present. Ducati Leggero By Walt Siegel.

From an old mill town in southern New Hampshire, Austrian born Walt Siegel builds bikes betraying his love for and background in racing. His dilemma, that most of his fellow custom builders are facing, is how to go beyond bolt-on bikes and still offer a product with a wider clientele than a few CEO’s. This […]

Sturgis Motorcycle Museum And Hall of Fame To Receive Award 2013 Silver Spoke Award

The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame will be a recipient of the coveted 2013 Silver Spoke Award presented by the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM). The Award is in the “Special Recognition” category and honors the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame for its work in improving the image of motorcycling. The […]

New “Nose Art/Pin-Up” Painting By David Uhl

For the first time in 3 years, David Uhl is adding to his collection.  Following “Miss Behaven” and “Baby Doll”, he is presenting “Georgia Peach”.   This beautiful image is now available in 3 sizes on canvas.  Each print will come hand-signed and numbered, with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Specifics are below. Matching numbers are available for those who […]

Help Cease The Funding Of Motorcycle Only Checkpoints Through NHTSA And Other Federal Agencies

State and local governments have begun to implement motorcycle-only checkpoints that unfairly target motorcyclists for inspection by law enforcement officers. Many of these motorcycle-only checkpoints are funded by grants given by the federal government, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This petition calls for the cessation of the NHTSA’s direct and indirect funding […]

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

Kids On Motorcycles. A lawmaker, Sen. Bill Avery, has introduced a bill (LB181) that would make it illegal for any child younger than 8 years old to ride on a motorcycle in Nebraska. At least five other states – Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Texas and Washington — have enacted age minimums for motorcycle passengers with the […]

Dual USB Port With Mount

Today, most can’t live without being connected 24h a day. So, they need to charge and recharge their gizmo, even when riding. So, many will find appealing a dual USB plug charger that they can permanently attach on their bikes. This easily installed 5V, 2A output port keeps your smart phone, GPS, MP3 or whatever […]

Joke Of The Week

Two old guys, one 80 and one 87, were sitting on a park bench one morning. The 87-year-old had just finished his morning jog and wasn’t even short of breath. The 80-year-old was amazed at the guy’s stamina and asked him what he did to have so much energy. The 87-year-old said, “Well, I eat rye […]

Rivera Primo. 40 Years In Business.

For all those interested by motorcycle vendors’ background and history, a summary of the main events of Rivera Primo doing business during 40 years from 1973 to today. 1970 -Mel Magnet re-worked automobile SU Carbs in his garage and sold them at his Rivera TV repair shop in Downey, CA. 1970 – Mel met John […]