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Patumwan Blog. Five Years Later…

Today September 29, 2011 marks the 5th Anniversary of this Blog. Five years of my life writing and publishing this motorcycle news website, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Exactly 4923 articles and 62,085 comments later at the time of this writing, Patumwan Blog is by far, and more than ever, the […]

2012 Garage Girls Pinup Model Calendar

Your office or garage was impatient to get it. You too… 16 months of beautiful models hard at work, at least front of the camera of Jim Gianatsis. And this time without the custom motorcycles getting in the way! The 2012 Garage Girl Pinup Model Calendar takes a close-up look at this year’s most beautiful […]

Carlsberg Beer Versus Bikers

Carlsberg, the famous Danish brewing company, produced this excellent beer commercial. In it 148 bikers fill almost all seats in a movie theater. Some innocent couples hesitate to take a seat among this not-so friendly crowd of bad boys… What’s going to happen? Watch (sent by Rogue)

Dirt Track Inspired Kit For Harley-Davidson Sportster

More and more builders are proposing complete body kits to turn your bike into a Cafe Racer with some 70’s genes, or like this one into a dirt track looking machine. And the preferred donor bike is of course a Harley-Davidson Sportster. Harley Sportster engine and transmission are cradled in a Norton looking frame giving […]

Motorcyclists Sue Over Enforcement Of Nevada’s Helmet Law

Same illegal enforcement, same unethical prosecution, same dismissals. Same, same, same… By Steve Green. “Twelve motorcycle riders filed a class action lawsuit Tuesday against Clark County and five cities within the county, charging arbitrary and discriminatory enforcement of Nevada’s helmet law. The suit filed in U.S. District Court names as defendants the county and the […]

Big Boy Wheel Jockey® . Heavy Motorcycle Wheel Chores Made Easy.

You know about the bothersome task of rotating motorcycle wheels for cleaning, belt and chain maintenance, checking tire pressure, etc. The “Big Boy Wheel Jockey”, contrary to many competitors, was specifically conceived to work (or rotate) well on heavy bikes like cruisers, touring bikes up to 950 pounds (if it exists…) and to remain a […]

Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series. 2011 Lake Faak Ride-In-Bike-Show.

Lake Faak, Austria. A popular vacation and bathing destination known for its lake turquoise water and beautiful surrounding alpine scenery. Also the place where European Bike week is held each September with the last Saturday of the event being the Custom Chrome Europe Ride-In- Bike-Show, a gathering of the top bikes from all over the […]

Joke Of The Week.

A DEA officer stopped at a ranch in Texas , and talked with an old rancher. He told the rancher, “I need to inspect your ranch for illegally grown drugs.” The rancher said, “Okay , but don’t go in that field over there…..”, as he pointed out the location. The DEA officer verbally exploded saying, ” […]

Vintage Looking Motorized Bicycle For Big Boys

In California, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Roland Preissner  & Tim Cooper are building some fine motorized bicycles in the classic/vintage style. Not copy of any vintage model like Harley Davidson or Indian motorcycles. A lot of class, attention to details with frames built by the pair the way motorcycles frames were made […]

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

Myrtle Beach Fall Bike Rally (September 29 to October 2, 2011). In recent years bikers boycotted Myrtle Beach over its controversial helmet law approved in 2008 and struck down by the S.C. Supreme Court a year ago. Has these last 3 year’s abrasive sentiment among bikers toward Myrtle Beach disappeared? Will the rally dubbed Hurricane […]

Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap Kits

Exhaust wrap was born from the need by racers to provide added horsepower while keeping their exhaust systems cooler. Then its use went to custom and stock bikes to give them this racing, old school feel, resolving at the same time a cosmetic issue that many have, hiding the pipes yellowing and blueing. It is […]

Motorcycles Greener Than Cars. Myth Or Reality?

In a new TV episode of “Mythbusters” this evening Wednesday September 28, 2011 on the Discovery Channel at 9 pm (ET), the 2 show hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are testing the myth that a motorcycle is a greener and a cleaner machine than a car. Is it always true? I don’t know the methodology […]

New Powerflow III 2 Into 1 Exhaust System Samson Promises Up To 20% Horsepower Increase.

Kenny Price, the boss of Samson Motorcycle Products, claims that his new two into one exhaust system featured here is the most powerful ever made. How does it work? The power is generated through a series of chambers, which Samson refers to as the “Power Chamber”, which helps condense and intensify exhaust flow, resulting in extremely […]

Roland Sands Trying To Break 200 MPH Barrier On Victory Based Motorcycle

Roland Sands piloting an air cooled Victory motorcycle is trying to establish a new Land speed Record in the “Modified Partial Streamliner Class” by breaking the 200 mph barrier. Engine was heavily modified by Lloyd’z Motor Workx with the addition of a turbo charger. Here is the video explaining the “Road To 200” with a […]

New Harley-Davidson Cut Back Gloss Black Magnum Wheels

Each wheel manufacturer has his own brand name to qualify its line of black & polish wheels. At Harley-Davidson they call it the “H-Cut” series. Their newest model is a one-piece  cast-aluminum wheel called the Magnum ($449.95) is inspired by the steel of a large-frame revolver. 15 individual spokes to form 5 distinct columns. The […]

Ken Nagai’s Orange Passion Chopper

Although working in Nagoya City, Japan Custom Builder Ken Nagai  spends close to half the year traveling around the US and Europe. His 2-wheel creations must have as many frequent flyer miles than him because he send them wherever he goes. And the reason is that Ken is also the builder behind the line of […]

Denying Rumors. Las Vegas BikeFest Not Cancelled.

It’s part of my obligations to publish facts and to never post rumors. But sometimes my responsibility is to publicly deny these rumors when too big and when I know for sure that they are not true. While the Las Vegas BikeFest organization is disappointed to hear of the incident that occurred earlier this weekend […]

Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall Of Fame Accepting Nominations

It is the time again when the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame is accepting nominations for the 2012 Hall of Fame and the 2012 Freedom Fighters Hall of Fame.  Individuals, organizations and businesses considered for induction into the Hall of Fame will have made a positive and significant impact on motorcycling.  Individuals considered […]

Rocky Robinson Crashes While attempting New Land Speed Record

Last Monday, while attempting at the Bonneville Salt Flats to beat his own land speed record of 394 miles per hour, driver Rocky Robinson crashed his machine at over 100 mph. It seems that the new installed traction control malfunctioned, unexpectedly shifting all power to the rear wheel with for consequence the bike taking off, […]

Artist Jack Amstrong Contemplating Lawsuit Against Harley Davidson For Allegedly Stealing His Cosmic Clothing Line

Capital Pros Network, a Los Angeles financial consulting and marketing firm, said today it will interview prospective counsel for litigation against Harley-Davidson, Inc. as a result of the company launching a new (2011-2012) women’s “Cosmic” clothing line. Harley’s line includes cosmic mesh jackets, helmets, gloves, “cosmic” women sneakers, and “cosmic” kids sneakers — all of […]

Nevada Street Vibrations Motorcycle Event Cancelled After Shootings

On Friday evening just before midnight a gunfight erupted at the Nugget Hotel and Casino in the city of Sparks, Nevada between armed members of the Hells Angels and Vagos motorcycle clubs. One member of the Hells Angels was killed and two members of the Vagos were injured. This Saturday morning there was also a […]

First Available Custom High Bars For Harley-Davidson Blackline Model

At a MSRP of $15,499, the Blackline, the model introduced by Harley-Davidson as “the long, low, no BS Dark Custom with a minimalist throwback stance for today’s freedom seekers” is probably going to be one of the most customized of the factory lineup. No doubt that switching to high bars will be a popular choice […]

Roland Sands Design Launching Exclusive Apparel Collection

You will have to wait a little bit more to see and buy it because Roland Sands Design is still seeking dealerships to carry his new collection. It is qualified by Roland sands as non-over embellished, over-branded or over-the-to. Instead it is more about making the wearer look tasteful and selective while keeping the rider protected. […]

Harley-Davidson Celebrates Republic Of China Taiwan Centennial With 100 Motorcycles Featuring Chinese Characters

You could call my article the Hog meets with the Dragon… For the 1st time in its history Harley-Davidson is producing 100 bikes featuring Chinese characters on paint and chrome meaning “Harley” and “Peace”. The occasion? The celebration of the Republic Of China (Taiwan) 100th Anniversary. The ROC was established in 1911, replacing the Qing Dynasty and ending […]

iPhone/GPS Mount For Harley-Davidson Road Glide

Expect a multitude of motorcycle accessories to hold your smart phones, mp3 players and GPS devices to be released in the next months. A market following the explosive growth of mobile devices. This new mount, designed and manufactured by Iron Aces Speed Shop, Inc. provides an elegant and functional solution without distracting from the beauty of […]

Brake Reservoir Electronics Mounting System

Supreme Legends introduces its RAM Ball Brake Reservoir Mounting System for some Harley-Davidson and Goldwing Models. This system allows you to use your RAM mount accessories, including GPS, iPod or Cell. Phone holders, without adding more clamps and clutter to your bars. Simply remove your existing brake reservoir cover, replace the gasket and screws onto […]