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Harley-Davidson From The Point Of View Of The Investor.

Among many data that Wall Street analysts and investors closely track  are the various company margins. Gross margin, operating margin and net margin (see definitions at bottom of this post). If they increase or fall, they want to know why. Healthy margins, either constant (expenses and revenues increase by the same percentage) or increasing over time, are […]

Police Bikes From Around The World

From left to right, and top to bottom. Cuba (Moto Guzzi), Costa Rica (Suzuki), China (Honda), Italy (Moto Guzzi), Barbados (Suzuki), Argentina (Moto Guzzi). Soon, more countries.

Harley Davidson Footwear

El Diablo Kustom Street Tracker Kawasaki.

Alex Patrocinio is a faithful reader from Spain who is the  publisher of El Diablo Magazine, a publication about our Kustom Kulture. From his headquarters in beautiful Barcelona, he sent me an email, a little bit shy and apprehensive, asking me what I thought about this 1975 Kawasaki KZ 400 that he had built as […]

Hellrazor Handlebar And Control Kits For Your Harley Bagger

Hawg Halters (HHI) offers a simple package handlebars + hand controls already  preassembled, including a complete internal wiring harness with factory Plug and Play connections. Just bolt-on these bars, connect to the stock Harley-Davidson connectors, run your clutch and front brake (s) lines and you are ready to go. 3 models of bars in 1 […]

Christmas Gift. Converse Meets Schott Leather Biker Jacket

Schott NYC Leather Jacket and Converse Chuck Taylor, 2 famous brands with deep roots in American culture. Schott unveiled in 1928 the first leather motorcycle jacket, which became the “Perfecto” in the 1950s, an iconic symbol of rebellion. Since 1908 Converse produces shoes nearly ubiquitous in American life. A collaboration between these 2 companies takes […]

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

Arnold Schwarzenegger Motorcyclist Of the Year. The AMA Annual Award  is given every year to the person who has had the most profound impact on the world of motorcycling, for better or worse. Congratulations to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose signature is on a controversial law to regulate motorcycle exhaust systems to address excessive motorcycle […]

Motorcycle Parts Website

Jillian Michaels To All Women. Gear Up And Get Behind The Handlebars.

When you are a renown fitness trainer, an avid motorcyclist and a spokesperson for the Harley-Davidson Garage Party Month events, I guess the Milwaukee bike model you should choose must have the word Muscle in its name. Recently, 36-year old Jillian Michaels took possession of a brand new Harley V-Rod Muscle customized by the team of […]

Joke Of The Week

A DEA officer stops at a ranch in Texas, and talks with an old rancher. He tells the rancher, “I need to inspect your ranch for illegally grown drugs.” The rancher says, “Okay , but don’t go in that field over there,” as he points out the location. The DEA officer verbally explodes saying, ” […]

Harley-Davidson Road King Classic Leather Saddlebag Audio System

Cycle Sounds just introduced a Bagger Audio System specifically conceived for the leather bags of the Harley-Davidson Road King Classic. This new kit is using a revolutionary speaker bezel design enabling 6” x 9” speakers to be integrated with an existing set of leather saddlebags without changing the look of the bike, or adding bulk […]

On Time For The Holidays. David Uhl Biker Apparel

When I published a preview of David Uhl Works new line of apparel, most of you were unable to order directly from the website because the first run of shirts was a limited quantity and demand was too high to fill up all orders. Starting today and just on time for the holidays, you can order all […]

Introduction To An All Original 1913 Harley-Davidson

Great narration to introduce you to 1 of the 3 known all original 1913 Harley-Davidsons.

Best Buy. Any S&S Engine Keychain Or Zipper Pull. $9.95. Free Pin. Free Shipping.

No question. They are the best biker gifts for the price. At $9.95 a piece with a free pin for each order and free shipping in the US, you could make a lot of your friends happy without breaking the bank. Motorcycle Dealers, I would a little gift to say thank you to all those […]

Harley-Davidson To Launch New 1200 Custom Model With Associated Factory Customization Program

In February 2011, Harley-Davidson is going to launch a new “1200 Custom Motorcycle”. Although I don’t have any specific info about this new model, nor it seems any Harley dealer at this time, the very interesting part is that in conjunction with this new model, the factory is going to launch a H-D1 customization program […]

The One

In a former post, I already introduced you to “The One”. But since then I got a few more details and pictures with a new paint job, I share now with you. It’s the work of Erbacher a.k.a. Fast Attack AG, in northern Switzerland very close to the German border, a shop specializing in hand-made […]

Ben-Hur Race Chair

Since you know that my passion is good design with some irreverent style, what about a 4-wheeled chair that you could “race”, Ben-Hur style, although evidently it’s not its purpose. More a chair to show your guests or clients that you have quite a sense of humor. It works well too for fast trips to the fridge […]

The Secret Life Of Cris Sommer Simmons

New female riders can find inspiration in the accomplishments of many other women who since the beginning of the last century have decided to follow their dreams and dared to live their lives on their own terms around motorcycles. Although all have a different personality they share  common attributes, independence, courage and a very special […]

Legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip And Legends Ride On TV

A short post to let you know that the Legendary Buffalo Chip and the 2010 Legends Ride will be featured on “Sturgis the Wild Ride” airing on the Travel Channel tomorrow Thursday, December 9th. Check your local listings for times on Travel Channel Website.

Sinister Image Wheel

Soon it may be difficult to get a polished or chrome wheel! Sinister Wheels add to the very wide choice you already have when choosing a black wheel with its Black Series line. The new model to join the line has a classic/timeless appeal and is called the Image Wheel. Like all the other models […]

Ateliers Ruby. New Custom Helmets. New Distributors. New Flagship Store.

Three years ago, I introduced you to Les Ateliers Ruby, a leading brand for exceptional custom and limited edition helmets. Inspired by Steve McQueen, Science Fiction…and the great tradition of French luxury, Ruby has for motto: “Good looks and safety for all the road heroes and heroines”. Helmets are fabricated from carbon fiber, and include chrome […]

Mooneyes Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2010

The show in Yokohama, Japan closed its doors Sunday evening. No good images yet to publish in my Blog, but thought you would enjoy watching the show video announcement. Main US participants are shown riding their creations just before their rides were loaded in containers for the trip from the west coast to Japan. ( Music: “Rock Yokohama” by Gabriel […]

Motorcycle Ergonomics Simulator

All of us have a different morphology and each motorcycle model has its own ergonomics. What if you could know and see in advance what would be your position on a specific model of any brand, compare your position on 2 different bikes and this only after measuring and entering your weight and inseam in […]

2011 TSA Nude Calendar

You can get this one directly from any TSA agent working at the security scanner of all US airports. Of  course, it is X Rated.

Confederate Launches A Third Generation Hellcat

Confederate President Matt Chambers loves to talk and write about his company motorcycles, and it’s always in a romantic language applied to everything mechanical. To not betray the way he feels about design, riders, motorcycles…and of his new C3 X132 Hellcat, let’s listen to him. ” This third generation Hellcat represents an impassioned, romantic, genuinely […]

Orange County Choppers Headquarters Facing Foreclosure

The foreclosure action by lender GE Commercial Finance Business Property Corp. claims that OCC missed mortgage payments of approximately $96,400 and $14,000 due on July 1 on 2 loans of $11 million and of $1.5 million used to build the Newburgh, NY headquarters.  The Orange County (Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is also named as a defendant in […]

MOON Stardust Motorcycle Wheel Discs

If you like the Car Moon Wheel Caps you would lobe these discs for 16″ motorcycle wheels. Sold in pair, right & left, they tested to fit on 16″ rims with spoke and disc or drum brake. he discs are measured at 15″ diameter so they fit inside the drop center and clear the hub […]

Patumwan Blog Down? Advice To My Readers.

Through my back end administration, I just found out that this article is the 4000th that I am publishing ! and that my Blog went down only 28 minutes in 4 years. Much less than Facebook, Twitter and most of my online competitors. Pretty exceptional, thanks to the use of a Cloud Server and the best […]