Daytona International Speedway Repaving Is Completed.

Because so many of you have been there and will come back during Daytona Bike Week 2011, an update on this big project. On July 5, 2010 the project of repaving the 2.5 mile long Daytona International Speedway got started. It is now completed with last weekend a group of motorcycle racers getting a chance to test the new track. They describe it as extremely smooth.. Between 30 to 100 workers have worked on it every day pouring a total of 50,000 tons of Asphalt. A few numbers. Crews had to remove 57 light poles and 5498 linear feet of catch fence and  8,300 linear feet of SAFER barrier. 50 truck loads of concrete have been poured for pit road.  Track measures 1,435,000 square feet or about 33 acres. It’s only the second time that the track is repaved since its creation on an original design of Bill France in the late 50’s . There is no change to its design.

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  1. 1 nicker Dec 21st, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    So, does that mean when the front-end starts sliding up the bank at 200MPH you’ll still be able to spin-up the rear-wheel to keep both ends moving sideways at the same rate….????….. 🙂


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