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Thumper Road Glide Trike

Not every day or even every year that you see a trike where 2500 hours of labor were invested. And the reason is not only the body fabrication work to stretch and widen it, but also because of the trials and errors required to fit 2 TV’s, 2 cameras and 2 amps producing around 1000 […]

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

1- Harley-Davidson Plant In India. As you all know, in 2011 Harley Davidson will assemble his motorcycles in India. All Harley Davidson bikes are presently imported. The company plans to setup an assembly line in Haryana, but until now didn’t disclose the models that will be assembled locally. Information leaked states that the Sportster models […]

The Secret Life Of Chica

Teenager Yasuyoshi Chikazawa, a.k.a. Chica, got hooked to motorcycles when a friend let him ride his motorcycle in the streets of Osaka. Passion for American motorcycles got fed via looking at the customs featured in American magazines like Easyriders. Although Haley-Davidson motorcycles sold in Japan are 2 to 3 times more expensive than in the […]

Indian Versus Harley Motorcycles. The Great Rivalry Goes On.

The rivalry between Indian and Harley is part of motorcycle history and lasted during most of last century’s twenties, thirsts and forties. What about putting again both brands in a race in America. It will happen again between May 12th and 14th 2011 with “The Great Indian Versus Harley Race” with planned rides through the […]

JIMS® Bike Pocket

Another storage idea coming from JIMS USA. An unusual place to carry and hide a variety of small items such as your bike registration, insurance papers, cash, keys, etc. This “bike pocket” is easily attached to any stock Twin Cam, cam cover and is ideal for custom bikes with no storage. The unique adapter ring […]

Aluminum Ribbed Fenders. Natural, Brushed, Copper or Brass?

These Brit-Style aluminum ribbed Chopper Fenders look extremely good on a custom, either a Harley, Triumph, BSA, Honda, Yamaha etc. What about sturdiness to avoid cracking with vibrations? Most steel fenders are .035″ thick, most aluminum are .060″ and these aluminum ones are .090″ are less than half the weight of comparable steel fenders (meaning […]

Eric Anderson Named New Vice President of Sales & Marketing At MAG

30-Year Industry Veteran Eric Anderson was tapped to Lead Sales & Marketing at MAG (Motorsport Aftermarket Group.) Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Motorsport Aftermarket Group (MAG) is a family of leading brands and businesses in the motorsport industry. Companies operating in coordination under MAG include Performance Machine, J&P Cycles, Vance & Hines, […]

Custom Chrome 2011 Dealer Show Update. New Location And One Day Open To Retail Clients.

Custom Chrome (CCI) today announces that the 2011 Custom Chrome Dealer Show will be March 19th and 20th at a new location at the Santa Clara Convention Center. This Convention Center boasts 302,000 sq. feet of space and will provide Custom Chrome with the facilities and technical requirements needed to continue growing the popular Dealer […]

Best Of Show Netherlands Big Twin And Zodiac Dealer Expo

Held last weekend in Eindhoven, Netherlands the Big Twin Expo and Zodiac Dealer Show (both shows under the same building on one side for professionals, the other side reserved to dealers) had a very nice turnout of competing custom bikes in all styles coming from all over Europe.

New Harley-Davidson SE 120R Race Engine

This fully assembled Harley-Davidson Engine named the SE 120R (120 stands for cubic inch and letter R for Race)) is designed only for off-road and racing use. It is made available to Harley dealers for their racing customers wishing to compete on the racetrack with an affordable high-performance race engine. .The beauty of this SE120R […]

California Scooter Company To Attempt Scooter Land Speed Record

California Scooter Company will attempt to set the 150cc land speed record on 21 November under the auspices of the Motor Scooter International Land Speed Federation. Sylvain Binau, 22, will pilot California Scooter’s land speed record bike. California Scooter Company is building a special motorcycle to set the world’s first 150cc land speed record.  The […]

Giving New Life To A Buell

Not intended by Eric Buell, his motorcycles, at least motor and transmission from Harley, are becoming donors to a plethora of new built custom motorcycles. And this phenomenon can also be observed abroad, especially in Europe. After building the ‘Black & Fast” cruiser featured in this Blog 3 weeks ago, Fred Duban wanted to build something […]

Win a Kiss Custom Chopper

A company in Florida called RTC is launching a line of HDTV LED Televisions from 32″ to 55″ ($988 to $1,988) and is using the Kiss Band logo and/or likenesses to sell them. Good for Kiss members milking their worldwide fame with any company paying them the right price, but I would really like to know who […]

New Arrowhead Black N’ Billet Mirror

The motorcycle parts world is getting darker and darker. Wicked Image is launching the new Arrowhead Black n’ Billet mirror designed and precision machined from lightweight aluminum. I guess the craftsmen at Wicked Image spent  long hours in the design room to find out how to polish such sharp lines. Tell me if I am wrong but I […]

Morgan To Launch The Super Sports Threewheeler

The legendary English company Morgan Motor Co., well-known for keeping the faith of traditional sport cars construction, is about to launch in 2011 a Super Sports Threewheeler powered by a  V-Twin motorcycle engine hanging off its nose just like the Cycle Cars that it manufactured between 1911 to 1952. The machine is getting a 1,800 […]

Looxcie Wearable Camera. Awesome Motorcycle Live Action Videos.

Wish I had known about this tiny wearable camcorder before the Cannonball Endurance Run departure. Some riders could have carried one on the side of their head or helmet and record all their cross country ride. Light (weighs less than 1 oz), small, this smart camera shoots HGVA footage anytime it’s on. No push button to hold. The earloop […]

Give A Chin To Your Harley Sportster

For 2011 Harley-Davidson offers no less than 6 different Sportster models: 883 Low, 883 N Iron, 1200 Low, 1200 Nighster, XL Forty-Eight and XR1200X. Sportsters also represent the segment with the largest number of units sold. All models begging for custom after-market components. Something that Doug Wozney noticed. Hence this new Pro-Tour “S” Chin Fairing bolting […]

Easy Rider Movie Famous Freedom Quotes In Superb Typography Video

Ryan Grassley a.k.a. Half Throttle sincerely loves Harley-Davidson motorcycles but also like to conceive and produce parodies and satires making fun of the brand. You’ve got a few video samples in my Blog. Exception with this only typography video using some of the most famous freedom quotes of the 1969 Easy Rider Movie. Harley-Davidson was […]

Vintage Motorcycle Leather Jacket

You don’t need to own a vintage motorcycle or run the Cannonball Endurance Run to wear this leather jacket. But at least you must ride something looking as old as it looks. If you didn’t keep your first leather jacket or are too young to have one as distressed, you will appreciate its look made to fit Indiana […]

World’s Fastest Bagger. 183.1 MPH

At the recent BUB Speed Trial in Bonneville, T.R. Reiser from T-Man Performance nailed a World Record Run at 183.1 mph (2-way average was 179.88 mph). The World’s fastest Bagger Award was originally created following the Discovery Channel Biker Build-Off efforts of Laura Klock of the original World’s Fastest Bagger.

Harley-Davidson 3-Year Plan

Last Tuesday Harley-Davidson held an analyst meeting in Milwaukee to update investors on the first 18 months of its three-to-five year restructuring plan. Harley-Davidson stated that restructuring plans are firmly in place and that the company is on its way to saving money, being quicker to market with new products and expanding abroad. Management confirmed […]

Saxon Motorcycles Introduce The Crown Model in Europe

The 68th Milan Show is going on all weekend, and among the big manufacturers showing their new models and concept bikes, the display of American Saxon Motorcycles (Stand 2P-US-5) trying to convince dealers of the merit of their Crown high neck chopper.

Urban Motorcycle Riding. Can You Do It?

Fred Crosset, a well known Belgium Trial and Enduro Champion takes his bike out for a spin in his hometown. Police will catch up with him…

Top Custom Motorcycles In Your Garage. Models Included.

2011 Calendar Season just got started and you know that every year your garage and/or office ask for them…Photographer Jim Gianatsis has chased all year long the best new custom motorcycles and the most sexy models to offer you these 2 calendars.

The Secret Life Of Eddie Trotta

“I always design my bikes like women, with a waistline. And then the fat tire in the back becomes the big butt” Eddie Trotta says. That you see or not the woman part(s) in each of his bikes, you must admit that his motorcycle designs are very distinctive and recognizable. You don’t come to Eddie […]

Texas Lone Star Rally Starts Tomorrow

The Lone Star Rally in Galveston, TX is one of the largest ones in the country with organizers claiming to attract 350,000 participants. If you are on your way or already arrived, below a summary of the main festivities not to miss during the long weekend.


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