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Mad Max Velocity Stack

The main reason to show you this velocity stack is that not many are sold in black. You can avoid the cost of gloss black powdercoating or anodizing by ordering this one sold with a mesh screen “Rabbit Ear Breather Mount & Bolt Kit” For the following Harley models and carburetors. S&S “E”&”G” 99-07 Twin […]

Medical Jokes Of The Week

1- All drugs have two names, a trade name and a generic name. Examples: Tylenol is the trade name for generic name Acetaminophen. Aleve is also called Naproxen. Amoxil is also called Amoxicillin and Advil is also called Ibuprofen. The FDA has been looking for a generic name for Viagra. After careful consideration by a team of […]

Harley-Davidson Removable Boom Audio Cruiser Amp and Speaker Kit

This new Audio and Speaker Windshield-Mounted kit ($399.95) is a black and chrome enclosure that mounts to the inside of the detachable windshield, resting below the cross brace to maintain a low-profile appearance. The waterproof enclosure conceals two 3.5-inch speakers behind a rich black grille. Simply unplug the speaker enclosure wiring, and the unit can […]

Custom Moto Guzzi. Bella Motocicletta.

Italian Moto Guzzi, the oldest European manufacturer in continuous motorcycle production (now owned by Piaggio). Many of their models on the roads of the old continent. But I don’t think you will see many with a such a radical and beautiful chopping treatment. I love the result, and it’s the work of a young and […]

DTV Shredder

One of the weirdest contraptions I have seen in a long time. Part skateboard, part Segway, part mini tank, the DTV Shredder features a normal skateboard deck and trucks, which are mounted to a powerful motor, and two tank threads — mounted below and to the sides of the deck — capable of going over […]

Fast Motorcycle Industry News

1- Harley Davidson Taps 3 New Advertising Agencies. When last August Advertising Agency Carmichael Lynch fired its 30-year client, Harley-Davidson made a statement saying it was not going to initiate a search for a new creative shop but would continue to work with a number of roster shops. Mark-Hans Richer, Harley’s chief marketing officer commented […]

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication. All Visions Welcomed.

Many of the Custom Motorcycle and Car Builders you know by name, including your writer, have been helped bring their visions to life thanks to the skills of master fabricator Brendon Thmpson. He was mentored in the techniques of forming sheet metal by Don Baumunk the owner of Fat Katz where he spent 13 years. […]

Biker Chicz Of North America

Since the early 1990’s, the number of female riders has increased exponentially. For all manufacturers women are their new “emerging market.” Depending of the brand, female buyers and riders may represent 10 to 18 percent of the clientele. And even during these long recession years there is no perceived economic, social or cultural reasons while […]

Triumph Motorcycles To Enter Indian Market

 For all motorcycle manufacturers India looks more and more like the new El Dorado. After Harley-Davidson and BMW, UK based Triumph Motorcycles’ officials confirmed that they want to enter the Indian market and the company to get its share of the second largest two wheeler market in the world. For all foreign manufacturers it’s a 10 […]

The Secret Life Of Jerry Covington

Although Jerry Covington had already built his first chopper when he was 18 and was continuously feeding his passion for motorcycles with frequent trips to the shop of Denver’s Choppers to admire their long creations, he professionally entered the custom world by working on hot rods and muscle cars. Building custom bikes for himself remained his […]

Drop Your Harley-Davidson Bagger Seat 3 Inch With This Bolt-On Kit.

You would prefer your bagger lower for looks and better control or you suffer from a short inseam and need to sit closer to the ground for better footing. This bolt-on drop seat conversion kit will easily drop the factory seat height by 3 inch without altering clearance and suspension. It works on all Harley-Davidson […]

Bikers. Welcome To Boston!

(Via Rogue, Sturgis Freedom Fighters Hall Of Famer) In June 2009 the city of Boston enacted an ordinance calling for a $300 fine if an EPA stamp, required for manufacturers to install on new motorcycles, is not “readily visible” to law enforcement officers on a running or parked motorcycle within the City Limits. It has […]

Zipper’s Muscle-Series Twin Cam Engines

Zipper’s crew knows everything about the anatomy of a big muscle engine and they can build any of your choice tailored to your specific application. Tell  Zipper’s how much muscle you want and they will custom built  it following your wish list. It will be hand built with the finest components available to be powerful, durable […]

Holiday Pinup Greetings Cards

Pinup greeting cards have more chance to put a smile on the face of their recipients and be kept for a long time, let’s say than those showing Santa Klaus jumping from roof to roof or snow falling on a frozen lake. So, fashion and motorcycle photographerJimmy “The Greek” Gianatsis took some of his Calendar […]

Vertical Beehive Oil Tank

Who said that a cylindric shaped oil tank must be installed horizontally? Vertically, it will add a very nice visual touch to your custom. But, please measure first especially if you want to install it under your seat and use an electric starter. This one is spun from .125″ thick aluminum and is 9″ tall […]

China Cheap Exports. US Versus China In A Rap Battle

The US is accusing China to devaluate its money, or at least to not let it float, helping China products reach our shores at a very low price. China is accusing the US Federal Reserve’s plan to purchase $600 billion in bonds creating a US dollar devaluation and later igniting inflation. Although last week in Seoul countries members […]

Kerker 2-Into-1 Super Megs Exhaust System

Since a couple of years 2 into 1 exhaust systems are very popular again. This Dyno proven performance and very clean looking model from Kerker. It is provided with a bracket bolting directly to the transmission side cover, which may help in some cases prevent exhaust flexing and cracking of the head pipe/muffler assembly. Included with each […]

New School Vintage Front End

In collaboration with Perse Performance, RoosteR Custom Motorcycles is releasing this throwback classic suspension with some modern twists. First, the company worked closely with Penske’s engineering department to provide the best shock for a variety of riding styles and feels.  From his experience with Racing, Penske has conceived several models to meet every rider need. […]

A Visit To The National Motorcycle Museum Of Anamosa

Motorcycle museum fans in America have some wonderful choices. About half a dozen public motorcycle museums have great experiences to offer. But one, the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa, is somewhat unique and now in a brand new, larger setting. It holds an amazing collection of over 300 motorcycles  from over 100 years of […]

Chopper Dave 66X Air Cleaner

If you roll vintage, classic or retro (I let you make the distinction), this Chopper Dave cast aluminum air cleaner may be the one you want to not breathe like everybody else. It measures approximatively 4″ across and is composed of two cast aluminum halves with a center mount. Made in house by Dave himself […]

Five Killed In California Crash Involving 12 Motorcycles

I usually don’t post about motorcycle accidents. They are all tragic and this one is particularly horrific. If I publish the circumstances it’s because it involves one car fleeing the scene of the accident and I hope that it may help find the driver of this car. Five people were killed and six others seriously […]

Jet Engine Motorcycle.

Robert Maddox welds jet engines on everything on wheels. Here is his 250 lbs twin jet engine motorcycle drag bike. 2 Videos. Hmmm…

Flash Back. BMW R32

This 1924 BMW R32 model is still extremely stylish, was equipped with a 486 cc side valve air cooled flat twin engine pushing this machine up to an impressive speed of 62 mph (100 km/h) thanks to a very light dry weight of 244 pounds (106 kg.) It was one of the first motorcycles to use […]

Arlen Ness Big Wheeler 21″ Front Fender

You already know that the front of your Harley-Davidson FLT Bagger will be greatly improved if you switch your wheel to a 21″ x 3.50″. Of course, it will cost you a new tire and front fender. This one called the “Big Wheeler”is a direct stock replacement fender that you can install on FLT’s on […]

Harley-Davidson Forgoes $25 Million In Tax Incentives

This Thursday evening spokesperson Bob Klein announced that Harley-Davidson has advised the Wisconsin Department of Commerce that it will not pursue the Enterprisee Zone Tax Credit of $25 million that the company could have earned during the next 9 years for keeping operations in Wisconsin. So, the immediate question is, why Harley would refuse the corporate welfare (free […]

Harley® Hammock Rider and Passenger Touring Seat

This new touring seat from Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Accessories® is designed to isolate both rider and passenger from harsh road conditions. The sling-like fabric suspension system that is integrated into the seat pan is manufactured from a unique blend of flexible, durable fibers. The fabric acts like a hammock, providing two inches of suspension above […]