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The Secret Life Of Cory Ness

Nobody can pretend to have started sooner in the motorcycle industry than Cory Ness, except maybe his own son Zach. Raised in the atmosphere of steel shaping, engine tuning, chrome plating and paint spraying, step by step his professional presence grew to the point where he is since a few years the man both in […]

A Bonneville Salts Racing Museum

A call to all those who have been touched by the magic of the Bonneville Salts as a fan, or part of a pit crew, or as a racer who has competed and supported the land speed record trial events. Via a 501c3 non profit corporation with a 99 year lease, a building has been […]

Grip Ace Digital Motorcycle Switches

If you can’t, like me, stand all the clutter on your handlebars but still want to maintain all the necessary switch controls to keep your bike street legal, there is no system cleaner that that these digital switches that you can incorporate either inside your grips or directly in your bar or even wherever your […]

Motorcycle Cannonball. Update 7.

A video of David Thompson (#5) cranking his 1914 Indian Motorcycle Model C  before taking the start of a new Cannonball stage. He spent months rebuilding it from spare parts. As of today, he ranks 29.

Custom Chrome Championship Of Bike Building At European Bike Week.

The European Bike Week at Lake Faak, South Austria located on the border of both Italia & Slovania, is by far the largest biker event and the last outdoor big party before cold weather hits Europe. As usual, the 2010 edition, September 3rd to 12th,  started by a parade around the Lake that they call […]

Metzeler North America Launches Metzeler Maps Interactive Website

The new web site allows users to search, share and upload the best touring routes for motorcyclists, create a profile, save trips, maps, videos and photos and share adventures with other users who will be able to submit their own comments, reviews and suggestions. Metzeler Maps offers motorcycle enthusiasts the opportunity to search for new […]

Wabi-Sabi Aesthetic Custom Motorcycle

Wabi-Sabi is the most conspicuous and characteristic feature of traditional Japanese beauty. Its aesthetic includes asymmetry, simplicity, modesty, intimacy, and the suggestion of natural processes. In the Japanese pantheon of aesthetic values, this style is equivalent to the Greek ideals of beauty and perfection of the Western World. Examples of Wabi-Sabi aesthetic motorcycles? Look at […]

Motorcycle Cannonball Update. Part 6.

So, you think you are tough? Friday was rest day (huh) meaning laundry day, sore muscles healing with massages, and for all a full day spent working on their bikes.

Wisconsin State Gives Harley-Davidson Millions In Tax Credits

It’s confirmed. While Wisconsin workers were debating their new seven-year labor agreement, Harley-Davidson had already secured a 25 million dollars tax credit to keep 2 of its plants in Wisconsin. The credits, spread out over nine years are linked to keeping jobs in the Milwaukee area and Tomahawk, along with capital investments by Harley and […]

Brass Fuel Petcocks And Low Profile Outlets

I was expecting these ones in brass since a long time. Have used Golan fuel valve ad outlet products since a long time because they perform well and offer many options beyond the traditional choices. First, their petcock (polish, chrome, brass and last minute now in black!) delivers a flow of 12 oz per minute, […]

Love Ride 2010. It’s Going To Be A Wild One. But For Only 1000 Bikers.

In 2010 the Love Ride is back with a “Retro” nostalgic ride on November 7, 2010. It is one of the most successful charity events but after last year’s cancellation due to the bad economy, the formula has changed. Oliver Shokouh, and Grand Marshal Jay Leno, will lead riders from Glendale Harley-Davidson back to the […]

Sturgis Famous One-Eyed Jack’s Saloon To Be Auctioned

Most of you heard about the place and many among you have had a good time at the One-Eyed Jack’s Saloon in Sturgis. Due to health reasons, Ray Gold has reluctantly decided to sell his world-renown business complete with all real estate (45,000 sq.ft) boasting a modern and exquisite rustic log décor and prime Main Street […]

Motorcycle Cannonball Update. Part 5.

After exactly 1400 miles (and a little bit more for those who made navigation mistakes), all riders and pre-1916 motorcycles take a well deserved rest day in Hot Springs, Arkansas. For motorcycles,  I should say maintenance and repair day for machines not supposed to take this kind of abuse. For riders, well you guess  that […]

The Return Of A Great Classic

Classic never goes out of style. So, it’s a great idea from Rivera Primo, years after buying ART – the original manufacturer – to offer again a style of grips and pegs that has been installed in the past on so many factory and custom motorcycles. But finely knurled grips are not so easy to machine […]

Dallas Police Officers Beat Suspect on Motorcycle, Then Adjust Dash-Camera.

On September 5th, 3 Dallas Police Officers run after Andrew Collins riding his motorcycle. No excuse for running from Police, but on the dash-cam video released yesterday, officers are seen  kicking, punching and beating the man with a baton after chasing him at speeds of close to 60 mph through southeast Dallas. While the motorcycle […]

Sam Wills Races A Big Dog Motorcycles Bulldog To A New World Land Speed Record Of 158.766 MPH

During the Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week, Oklahoma City based Thunder Cycle’s Sam Wills raced a Big Dog Bulldog Model, setting a land speed record of 158.766 mph in the 3000/MPS-PBG class. Thunder Cycle is Big Dog’s OKC dealer as well as an award-winning bike builder. Sam Wills set out to reach the pinnacle of […]

Techno Retro Custom Motorcycle

He doesn’t matter if it’s a recent build if I like it and think that most of you didn’t see it. So, let’s give a push to Satya Kraus for a quite amazing custom job stepping outside of what most builders are designing. Quite a few tricks and fabrication innovations grace this machine. Satya started […]

The Secret Life Of Russell Mitchell

California based Exile Cycles is synonymous with tough and minimalist industrial styling. And its founder, Englishman Russell Mitchell, with his full-body tattoo and mohawk (blonde most of the time) is one of the most recognizable Custom Builders of our industry. Backstage, learn a little bit more about the man who continues to preach against over-chromed […]

Indian Motorcycle New Arrivals

That you prefer the old Indians to the new ones or both doesn’t matter when it’s time to show your support for a brand you love. As a matter of fact, all the new Indian clothing line has a retro feel with nice graphics, pictures, layouts, colors that I like very much. I think that the […]

What Is A Norley?

Building a motorcycle by putting a Vincent engine into a Norton wideline frame has been done by the Brits since a long time. It’s called a NORVIN. And now, coming again from England, putting an American Sportster engine in a Norton looking frame will create a NORLEY motorcycle.

Limited Edition Solid Brass Rapide Headlight

In little touches on retro looking or vintage bikes, you all know that brass looks bad ass. You can have your own parts highly polished then brass plated and polished again, or hunt for the very few good parts available in solid brass. Crime Scene Choppers has available a very small quantity of its Rapide […]

Motorcycle Cannonball Update. Part 4. Matt Olsen Injured.

As I reported in my former post rider #85 Matt Olsen was injured yesterday durig stage 5. Below the official press release from the Cannonball organization. “Matt Olsen, Motorcycle Cannonball rider #85, has crashed his motorcycle while riding the Stage 5 section of the historical shore-to-shore run that will encompass 17 days of motorcycling across the […]

Motorcycle Cannonball Update (Part 3)

Felicia Morgan, Cannonball spokesperson, reports that the weather was riding perfect between Maggie Valley NC & Chattanooga TN (208 miles) and yesterday to Hunstville, AL (204 miles). When possible, flat tires, broken belts, damaged gear sets and many other mechanical issues are fixed on the road with riders and support crews trading parts and helping […]

Indian Larry Motorcycles Grease Monkey Block Party Is Saturday September 18th

The seventh Annual Indian Larry Mayhem Block party is this Saturday September 18th at the new facility located at 400 Union Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. All his friends and fans will meet again, continuing the tradition of the famous party, New-York and Coney Island style. An opportunity to see again Larry’s bikes and original shop […]

Official. Harley-Davidson Keeping Powertrain And Manufacturing Operations In Wisconsin.

Harley-Davidson just posted on its media website that because the new labor agreements were ratified yesterday by its union members, and as promised at negotiation time, the Powertrain operations and the Tomahawk manufacturing will remain in Wisconsin. The official press release states  that 1- Combined full-time, hourly workforce size in Milwaukee and Tomahawk locations will […]

Baker DD7 Transmission. Way More to It Than An Extra Gear.

The Baker Direct Drive 7-Speed was developed as a direct replacement of the Cruise Drive Harley-Davidson factory 6-speed to improve it in many ways besides just adding another gear. The DD7 is all about gear ratio management. The gear ratios leave you the rider, with the experience of smooth, crisp, continuously pulling acceleration from 1st […]

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