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UK Xtreme Custom Motorcycle Award

 “Hi Cyril, I mentioned in a comment to the post “Norton Best Of Show” at NEC on your blog, that the winner of the Custom Xtreme award was something else. Here’s a picture of it. It’s impossible to describe in a few words, but it’s owned and built by Diverse Paul. It’s a turbocharged, supercharged […]

Sexiest Harley-Davidson Print Magazine Ad

In my own judgment, Harley-Davidson has produced via local country advertising agencies, very good and very bad commercials. At least, each campaign is adapted to the specifics of each culture. Here is a Harley print magazine ad that probably could never have been run in the US, but only in a country where sensuality is exemplified […]

Brass Balls Bobbers Holidays Offer

You can save $1,000 by ordering a Brass Balls Bobbers Model 1 before the end of the year. The bike, voted one of the top 10 custom-production motorcycles of year 2009, will have a price increase of $1,000 on January 1, 2010. Currently the value-priced Model 1 retails for $15,995 and the Softail style Model […]

Harley CEO Asks Washington To Remove Business Barriers

Yesterday Wednesday new Harley-Davidson CEO Keith Wandell was in Washington with other business leaders to participate in a meeting organized by the Obama administration to define a new US manufacturing framework. As you know the USA has lost a lot of jobs, and disproportionately, those jobs have been lost in manufacturing. Keith Wandell called on officials […]

This Old Beer Can Bracelet For You

An original way to gift yourself or others some beer thanks ro these nand made “Beer Bangle” made completely of old beer cans. You’ve got 2 styles to choose from: The First Generation style is hand soldered around all sides & comes with 30″ ball chain so you can string it however you’d like to get the […]

Club Cafe Racers On Discovery Channel

A quick post to let you all know to tune in to Discovery Channel’s HD Theater network on Tuesday, December 29 for the first episode of Club Cafe Racers, a new series featuring Cafe Racer Magazine and the world of low bars and high performance motorcycles! The premiere launches at 9:30 p.m.

Paul Teutul Junior Now.

Some of my posts are often published in reply to your email requests. And some of you may be surprised by the number of questions I receive about the whereabouts of Paul Teutul Junior. As you know, the scripted TV fights of American Chopper between Paul Teutul Senior and Junior ended up in a real […]

Spyke Fuel Petcock

Does a fuel petcock deserve a post? I didn’t think so until yesterday when I realized that many of you don’t know that they are available with a universal positioning with a swivel outlet. So you can order a petcock without wondering in advance how to route your fuel line from the gas tank to the […]

2010 Sturgis Hall of Fame Nominations Sought

Every year the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame accepts nominations for the next year Hall of Fame.  Individuals, organizations and businesses considered for induction will have made a positive and significant impact on motorcycling. Nomination forms must be accompanied by credentials which explain why this individual should be considered for induction.

New 2010 Triumph Thruxton Special Edition.

As British and  Cafe Racer as it can be in a new 2010 model, I like very much this Thruxton Special Edition. Must be European nostalgia… All manufacturer models sold as limited or special edition have always something in common. Something special about the motor and the paint scheme. In this case the fuel injected 865cc parallel […]

10th Anniversary Swiss Performance/Swiss Moto Bike Show

I remind my European readers that the 10th edition of this important show is from February 18th to 21st in Zurich. You can expect to see the newest built most radical custom bikes and custom Harleys  coming from all over Europe to compete for a chance to represent their respective country in Sturgis during the […]

Holiday Gift. Funny Tee-Shirt To Wear When You Fly.

1. All liquids and gels (including eye drops, zit cream, hemorrhoid suppositories, scabies lotion, and all other embarrassing ointments) must be in containers no bigger than a bottle cap and placed in one of our see-through bags for all the world to see.

Saxon Motorcycles Introduces The 2010 Hot Rod Sceptre

Under a new ownership and management and cautiously Saxon Motorcycles introduces a new version of the Hot Rod Sceptre that they state “is designed in the spirit of the outlaw rider”. The Hot Rod Sceptre combines some old school appearance with today’s components, like a 96″ S&S V-Twin, a Rivera Primo 6 speed right side, […]

Motorcycle Themed Luxury Iron Horse Hotel Struggling To Pay Debts

Opened 14 months ago, The Milwaukee Iron Horse Hotel, the 1st st. world-class motorcycle-themed luxury hotel became reality. Located close by the Harley-Davidson Museum, the hotel is now facing serious financial difficulties. Tim Dixon, the developer acknowledged that  he owes creditors about $1.2 million. He said he has told them that he expects to begin […]

Arlen Ness Redesigned Big Bags For Touring Bikes

The Big Bags of Arlen Ness have always been a popular choice for a bagger customization or built from the ground up. There is a newly redesigned version sold without lids but accepting your OEM lids and mounting hardware. Constructed from hi-strength fiberglass with a smooth finish inside and out, offered ready to prime and paint […]

New Wichita City Rules Could Affect Big Dog Motorcycles

As you probably know, many counties and cities lure employers with property tax breaks. The city of Wichita where Big Dog Motorcycles is located considers denying extended tax breaks to employers failing to add jobs and expand at the rates they projected when the city exempted property taxes for them.

Your Best Places In The World To Ride Your Motorcycle

It’s a good motorcycle website concept. Motorcyclists submit the best cruising roads, off-road tracks, fast and twisty mountain passes, long distance rides, etc and thanks to Google Maps you can decide and trace the route you want to take. And if your have a GPS device with you or your bike is equipped with one, […]

Japan Yokohama Mooneyes Show. Chicara Best Of Show.

Friend Charlie Lecach from Freeway Magazine was in Japan in Yokohama, where he attended the 18th Annual Hot Rod Custom Show organized by Mooneyes. He tells me that there was no best of show winner in the car category, as no Hot Rod or Kustom Car seemed to come close to the quality of the “Galaxian”, last year’s big […]

Remembering Custom Builder Indian Larry

As I told you before the Cycle Source Magazine is preparing a January Indian Larry special commemorative issue. This short video gives you an idea of what is all about. You can reserve your issue HERE.

Bagger Adjustable And Extended Brake Arms

Made for your 00-07 & 08/Up FLH/FLT models, these 2 brake arm models are extended 1” to free up your boards, and are adjustable from stock, to 10 and 20 degrees from stock. Beauty and function all in one! The II Bagger control arms include brake arm, extended single shift arm, rear shift linkage arm, […]

The Harbortown Bobber. A Motorcycle Fabrication Adventure.

This morning had my breakfast watching the new documentary film of Scott Di Lalla and Zack Coffman (directors of “Choppertown”, “The Sinners” and “Brittown). If you can’t control your passion, I have a big warning for you. This motorcycle fabrication adventure will make you want to go out back, fire up your welder and start spinning wrenches. […]

Viking Cycle Paint Art

During motorcycle events Custom builders are, like you, strolling the vendor’s alleys hoping to discover a new part or a new talent. 3 weeks ago I was a guest at the “Art Of The Chopper” exhibition party and discovered a local painter who surprised me because his range of  “know how” is wider than most […]

Breaking News. Big Dog Motorcycles Looking For Additional Capital, Merger Or Investment.

Yesterday Big Dog Motorcycles ed me to share their intention to look for additional capital to face the current financial realities. To avoid any misinterpretation of President Sheldon Coleman’s intentions, I agreed not to release the information until an official press release would be issued. You can now read it first in my Blog. Big Dog Motorcycles […]

Custom Personalized Leather And Steel Motorcycle Bracelets

To express your love for riding in leather and steel, another affordable unusual unisex Christmas gift idea. Moto artist Sasha Mullins (Chrome Cowgirl, Inc.), and master leather artists, Randy and Claudia Lister, have teamed up to create unisex bracelets that express your love for riding. Handcrafted using vintage letterpress equipment and handcut quality bullhide leather […]

Roehr American Superbike Now EPA Approved In All US States

After getting a 49-state certification earlier this year, Roehr Motorcycles LLC got certified by the California Air Research Board for sale in California. A big achievement for the company President Walter Roehrich. “It’s been a long process but we are now finally able to deliver bikes to our California customers. I’m sure they will agree […]

Daytona Bike Week 2010. Let’s Kick Start.

Under the correct assumption that more of you would own, ride and maintain an old or antique motorcycle if you knew how to kick start it, the AMCA (Antique Motorcycle Club of America), for the second year in a row, will host an Antique Bike Show on Wednesday of Bike Week (March 3 this year) at the Limpnickie […]

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