Give Your Own Parking Tickets

parking-ticketsParking rage. On your bike or in your car, have ever felt like smashing the window or keying the car of the guy who parked so close that you can’t move out of your parking place or even open the door of your car? Instead of being sued for private property destruction, you can vent by distributing your own parking tickets. This small book contains 20 unique and humorous and sarcastic pull out “tickets” to make the other guy know exactly how you feel. A few examples: “Did you park like this or there was an earthquake?”, “Your car is not nice enough to park in 2 spots”, “Maybe a GPS system could’ve helped you find the middle of this parking spot”, “This parking  job violates the law of physics”, “The way you pulled in makes me wish your dad had pulled out”, etc. Have fun! .

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