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Exhaust Heat Management

Applying wrap around your exhaust will increase power and reduce radiated exhaust heat. And it looks very good without having to worry about your pipes turning yellow/blue. I use (like on this Bobber of mine called “Kiss My Wheels“) Accel motorcycle high temperature exhaust wrap, available in black or tan, that can withstand up to […]

Jay Leno Rides The New Brough Superior

On august 12, I informed you of the return of the Brough Superior with 2 new models presented at the Pebble Beach Concours. Jay Leno was there and didn’t miss to notice the “Rolls Royce Of Motorcycles”. And he is again the lucky guy with the opportunity to ride the new Brough Superior Pendine Racer.

Bub Speed Trials. Sodium Addiction.

Ross Kiwi Thomas. Youngest Indian Rider On The Salts Of Utah.

He is only 15 1/2 years old… He got his motorcycle endorsement 3 days before Sturgis. For initiation, he rode 500 miles to the Rally. During the event, he learned the skills of swerving and braking on the canyon roads of the Black Hills.

Speed Around The Klocks

Among the veterans (the Salt Dogs) quite a few Custom Builders from different countries ready to show the world that they know how to tune their machines to run-in and very fast. Among them, the largest crew of racers is the Klocks Werks Team with not less than 15 people (add me for encouragements), 6 […]

Bub Speed Trials Atmosphere

1- Yes, I had to fly from Florida to Utah, with a beautiful view of the Grand Canyon before landing in Salt Lake City. 2- Driving along a sea of salt from Salt Lake City to Wendover. 3- Welcome to Wendover sign. 4- It was a day for Scruteenering by officials.  Racing starts tomorrow morning Sunday. To […]

The New Bronze Masterpiece Of Jeff Decker

Honoring the American Speedway, expressing its spirit, freezing in time an instant of 2 racers in full drift fighting wheel to wheel, it is what this new  dynamic piece of artwork from artist Jeff Decker is all about. Can you hear engines screaming? Did you identify the 2 bikes? A 1934 Single Cylinder Crocker racing […]

On My Way To The Bonneville Salt Flats For Some Land Speed Racing Action

Just finished packing up. Flight at 6 am to Salt Lake City, then a 90 minutes drive to Wendover the closest city at 5 miles from the Salts. No, I am not racing (next year?). Just learning more about the world’s fastest machines (motorcycles, cars, rocket powered vehicles, and anything rolling…) and supporting friends challenging […]

Milwaukee Iron Sold. Almost.

As you know, Randy Simpson recently closed his business Milwaukee Iron. Yesterday Thursday “Asset Sales” was auctioning the brand name, his building, all bikes and equipment. An offer at $400,000 for the name was rejected by Randy Simpson because he considers that his 25-year old brand is worth much more than that. The building was sold […]

A Harley-Davidson Under Each Indian

I was the 1st one to publicly give you the info (see article). Harley-Davidson is starting its conquest of India, the 2nd largest consumers market in the world (1,198,003,000) and the 4th in purchasing power). A local Harley plant is also in the works. A Harley New Dehli tee-shirt is going to be worth a lot of rupees […]

New Berseker Foot Controls

Some will qualify them as retro looking. Others as techno-industrial. Doesn’t matter. They are minimalists and look pretty good in black anodizing and brass plating (yes, you can get them in boring polish or chrome). These new Berseker controls are offered in forward or mid-control versions, with models for Softail Evo & Twin Cam, FXR & […]

The Picasso of Sport Bikes Goes To Daytona

Starting September 15, Nick Anglada, a.k.a. “The Picasso of Sports Bikes, will be operating out of Cycle World of Daytona, the newest destination for sport bike and metric riders.

You Better Know How To Fix Your Hog Yourself

“Hi Cyril. We are celebrating 6 years in the industry. Fix My Hog, Inc. would like to thank our customers, newsletter readers and Hogger Area members for your feedback and patronage over the last 6 years. You have made us the #1 Harley-Davidson maintenance & performance DVD provider. Here are just a few of the […]

Roland Sands Design Black Beauty

You are looking at a radically modified 2003 Softail Harley-davidson rebuilt by Roland Sands Design. Is it something you could do yourself to your stock bike? Roland Sands thinks so. or pretty close. Of course, there is some RSD bodywork fabrication and modification involved in this customization, but most of the parts can be bought […]

Old School Tail Lights From Jammer Club

Started in 1970, “Jammer Cycle Products” was offering a righteous collection of all the stuff you needed to build a chopper, Today, the “Jammer” brand is part of Custom Chrome Inc. and its today’s catalog is well known among custom builders  as the place to find cool Old School parts. Like this new Scalloped tail […]

Battistinis USA. On The Road Again.

Are we coming back to the old days, when your rep. was visiting you business to show you his ware. Irreplaceable human with the opportunity to touch, evaluate and ask questions about the part you didn’t know it was the perfect one to move your next project forward. Rikki Battistini from Battistinis USA is […]

Open Letter From Bruce Arnold To Bill Davidson

This open letter is about corporate social responsibility of Harley-Davidson to fallen riders. It was written by Bruce Arnold (LDR Long Distance Rider) to Bill Davidson, Vice President Of Core Customer Marketing of Harley-Davidson Motor Company. “Dear Bill,  A kind assessment of your response to my letter of June 6 entitled “Why Should Motorcyclists Support […]

Big Dog Motorcycles Export Strategy

Big Dog Motorcycles just received a U.S. Department of Commerce’s Export Certificate. This certificate is for businesses that have benefited from the Department Of Commerce services to enter foreign markets. Big Dog Motorcycles started shipping motorcycles in June to its first 2 Canadian Dealers, in Montreal and Calgary and will announce 2 new Dealers very […]

Adam Canni. Master Automotive Industrial Designer.

Without any doubt Adam Canni is one of the most talented and creative industrial automotive designers of his generation, and I should know a little bit about design…As a matter of fact he is behind the design and/or paint job of many famous motorcycles and custom parts that you know.

The New Words To Use When You Comment In Patumwan Blog

Here is the Washington Post’s Mensa Invitational which once again asked readers to take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter, and supply a new definition. The  winners are: 1. Cashtration (n.): The act of buying a house, which renders the subject financially impotent for an indefinite period of time. […]

Mingling With The Top Swiss Bonneville Racers

This weekend, for a change, it will be nice for me to mingle with racers on the Salts, although they are all, of course, also custom builders and evidently more expert at engine tuning that most of us are….

Refined Softail Air Suspension

If my memory is good, CCCS (Custom Cycle Control Systems) must have launched The SAS (The Simplified Air Suspension system) for Softail about 3 years ago.  It is now offered with an improved air intake filter system.  This addition to the SAS eliminates the chance of debris or water entering the internal compressor. The SAS […]

Pantera Custom Motorcycle

You probably noticed. In parallel to the vintage restoration and the new old school style trends, and in addition to the return of Jap and Brit motors used in custom motorcycles, there is a style of bikes getting a new attention from custom builders. The sport bike/dragster look. And not only for one-off creations, but […]

Motorcycle Culture Inspired Pizza Cutters

Frankie Flood is an artist and professor of jewelry and metalsmithing at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. In his website, he writes:

Lightning Rod Hand-Tooled Seat

Like paint jobs, custom seats can make or break your bike. Loving hand-tooled seats I will not miss an opportunity to show you what I like. Another fine example created for a new bike built by Steve Carr and Rick Bonin at Lighting Rod Motorcycles. It is a collaboration between Kevin Baas for the hand formed steel […]

Beer Trike. Is It The New English Pub?

“Hey Cyril, Further your Brit Bike article have a look at the attached image for something we built for the British Biker Build-Off over here that we never really released any images of. Mark wanted to create  something that was totally different for what we were known for. Bike and side car with fully operational mobile […]