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Airstream Everything

If you love vintage motorcycles, you have dreamed of owning, trailing and sleeping in an authentic Airstream. I thought it was interesting that you know about these 2 Santa Barbara, CA natives who are offering what they call a Silver Safari. They provide the unique opportunity to work or play in a vintage American travel […]

Hand Beaten Copper Chopper

Touring Europe to show you the custom bikes you may see in Sturgis competing in the AMD World Championship Of Bike Building. This one coming, big surprise, from a shop located in the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sardinia (a constitutional part of Italy with a special autonomy statute), located west of the Italian peninsula and […]

SBA To Help Motorcycle Dealers Finance Their Showroom Inventory

In these tough economic times motorcycle dealers have extreme difficulties to borrow to finance the purchase of the new motorcycles they feature on the floor of their dealerships. Not having the cash flow to auto finance their flooring many of them have drastically reduced their inventory and some were even obliged to close by lack […]

Keep It For You…

Thanks to AMA members (American Motorcyclist Association), Senate Bill 435 introduced this year by state Senator Fran Pavley (D-Santa Monica) to impose motorcycles to undergo periodic exhaust emissions testing has backed away from the idea. The bill would have required all models year 2000-and up with engine displacements of more than 280cc to be tested […]

2009 Inductees Into Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall Of Fame

The Hall of Fame inductees for 2009 are: Jack Kirchgesler. J.C. “Pappy” Hoel Outstanding Achievement Award – Jack Kirchgesler owned the Rapid City Harley-Davidson dealership – Mat-Kirk Cycle – from 1941 until 1963.  During that time, Jack was a major supporter of motorcycling in the Rapid City area.  He sold the first police motorcycle to […]

ElMoto. Half Motorcycle. Half Mountain Bike.

No doubt that ElMoto is cost efficient. It will cost you less than $1.00 for a battery charge letting you ride this electric bike for about 40 miles (65 km). Powered by a 2 KW engine (at what stage are you qualified as a motorcycle?), of course it will please those looking for a clear […]

June 21st. Happy Father’s Day.

  “Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him Dad…” Happy Father’s Day!

Harley-Davidson Hits The Skids Again

Harley-Davidson used to sell about 1/3 rd of its production during the 3 months of spring. But this year it will not happen. UBS analysts state that in April & May retail sales were down about 35%. So, it’s quite impossible that June will let Harley catch up with the spring average. Worse, low volume […]

Saddlemen Deluxe Touring Bag

Saddlemen offers a wide variety of bags to fit all your touring needs. They are all equipped with a versatile universal strap mounting system to fit virtually all trunk-mounted or stand-alone racks. On one side, the featured bag features a zip-off backpack, while the other side has a 2” expansion panel. It includes 4 exterior zippered pockets. Top carry handle […]

2009 Sturgis Buffalo Chip Music Festival

This year Buffalo Chip main acts are Aerosmith, Toby Keith and Chuck Berry, But on its four stages many other bands ranging from country music to blues to rock will entertain bikers every day of the rally. The full line up includes: Friday, July 31 – Mark Farner, Peter Rivera, Mike Pinera and Jerry Corbetta. […]

Pitching Ideas For A New Motorcycle TV Show

Every day, hundreds of individuals and independent producers try to pitch new TV Show ideas to all networks. The best way to do it after a pre-approval on a concept? Shooting a pilot. Usually quite an expensive venture. At least 99% of concepts proposed are rejected because considered not “large audience” enough to be profitable via advertising […]

Awesome Blastolene Hemi Trike

Michael Leeds and Randy Grubb, calling themselves the “Blastolene Brothers”, are originally 2 glass artists turned into motorheads who acquired a lot of notoriety and fame after they built the Jay Leno’s Tank Car. Their style? Oversized monster hot rod automobiles powered by V12 motors and using semi truck drivetrains! For sure nothing you have […]

J&P Cycles 30th Annual Open House Is June 27/28th

Because so many of you have bought a part from J&P Cycles, its President John Parham has made a yearly tradition to thank you by hosting a big party at his Anamosa Iowa headquarters. Last year attendance was estimated at a whopping 15,000 people (3 times the population of Anamosa). And this year to celebrate […]

Betty Is For Sale

As you already know by my former posts, Marc Mazerolle is teaching teenagers how to build custom motorcycles at the Canada’s Only Chopper Class, the Bernice MacNaughton High School in New Brunswick. The Betty Bobber, the teens latest creation, after winning many shows, including the Iron Works Magazine Overall Winner at the Donnie Smith Chopper Challenge is now […]

Arlen Ness Bagger Mirrors

Although we all know that your bagger mirrors should be functional, I agree with Arlen Ness on the fact that they don’t have to look like borrowed from a SUV. The minimum necessary size seems to be this one (it could be in other shapes). Integrated mounting design cleans up the handlebars and blends the […]

$4500 Cash To Trade In Your Clunker For A New Efficient Car. And For A New Motorcycle?

That old gas guzzling car or truck is worth $4500 under the “Cash For Clunkers Bill”. In a few weeks H.B. 2751 provides vouchers up to $4,500 for trading in a vehicle that gets less than 18 miles per gallon and is less than 25 years old for a new vehicle that gets at least […]

Jesse James Sets New World Speed Record At 199.7 MPH

June 16, 2009. 6.53 PM, PT. Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T “Cyril. We Just set a New World Record! 199.7 mph! World’s Fastest Car with an Internal Combustion Engine with ZERO Emissions!!” Jesse James.

Huge Vintage Motorcycles And Parts Auction

I know that a lot of you are chasing vintage motorcycles or basket cases or at least a couple of antique parts. The place to be for a lucky hunt is Columbia, Tennessee on Thursday June 25th (preview on the 24th and bidder registration required). A lot of complete all brands bikes but also complete […]

Exclusive. Jesse James Going Today For The World Record On Pure Hydrogen Gas

Jesse James tells me: “Shooked it down yesterday… 140 mph in 3rd gear. On pure Hydrogen Gas (Zero Emissions). Going for the ‘clean” world record today!”.

New Harley-Davidson Organigram

A lot of new titles at 3700 Juneau Avenue, Milwaukee. Time to change your address book. Matt Levatich, President and COO
of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, announces the following Leadership changes. “Our current management structure includes three Senior Vice President positions that report to me. These include Manufacturing, which Karl Eberle holds and will continue to hold; Product Development, […]

Jesse James Hydrogen LSR Car Engine. First Fire.

Last weekend Jesse James sent me the following short movie. West Coast Choppers Monday June 08, 09, 12.45 am. Hydrogen car engine is fired for the 1st time (you need Quicktime installed on your computer). Hear it cough…then scream. What about the body? It’s a teaser. So, if you have questions, go ahead. Ask in “comments’. […]

Deck Of Shame. Financial Crisis Playing Cards.

The economy took a dive. This year, maybe you don’t take any vacation (also called “staycation”), or you cut on the number of rallies you are attending, or during Sturgis you are going to skip one or two concerts and refrain yourself from doing pit stops at all the Deadwood bars and casinos. You can still have fun at night […]

Netherlands Speeddemon

            This gorgeous custom bike made a fast apparition at last year’s S&S 50th Anniversary in Wisconsin before returning to its home town in the Netherlands. Built with a boardtracker flair, of course it features a black & polished 93” S&S Shovelhead engine breathing through an S&S Super E carburetor, […]

Justin Barnes Sues OCC, Discovery Channel, Activision Over American Chopper Designs

On May 26, Justin Barnes, a painter artist who created many custom designs for OCC motorcycles and merchandise has filed a lawsuit against OCC, The Discovery Channel and Activision for infringement and copyright violation. Plaintiff alleges that 18 original designs were copied without his authorization and compensation and then incorporated in many types of merchandise tied […]

Floorboard Spacers For 2009 Harley-Davidson Baggers

Of interest to all owners of H-D Baggers, there is a simple way to space out your floorboards to avoid riding with your legs  in an awkward and uncomfortable position and even melting your boots or burning your legs on your exhaust. Available only for floorboards, the spacers move them out approximately 1“and are a quick, […]

Jesse James Is A Dead Man. 3rd Episode. The Frost Bike.

The third episode of “Jesse James Is A Dead Man” features Jesse and his team preparing a custom bike to ride 125 miles in the artic desert by a temperature reaching  minus 50F (minus 75F with wind chill). But can Jesse also withstand the freezing cold? Training to change a wheel in subzero remperature, then the icy ride. […]