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Transform Your Stock Harley Softail In A Tough Exile Machine.

Didn’t have much time in Cincinnati to talk to Russell Mitchell, himself also very busy showing his new wares at the V-Twin Expo. But he told me he would send me the info about his new line of parts conceived to transform a stock Harley Softail into a tough Exile machine. In a few words, […]

Daytona Bike Week Harley-Davidson Events

The official Harley-Davidson schedule of events for the 68th Annual Bike Week at Daytona Beach, Fla., presents a choice activities running from February 28 to March 7. Highlights include: 1- Harley-Davidson New Product Show (Feb. 28 – March 7, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.). 2- Women’s MDA Ride and Women’s Day activities (Tuesday, March 3). […]

Gears For Drinks

When you are no more in the garage tinkering with your bike, you can still show to your friends that you are a true gear head. Inspired by traditional gears, these well- crafted gear coasters will cost you less than a derby cover ($55 for the set of 4). Can also be used as trivets […]

Daytona Bike Week Flash News 1

Getting updates coming from Daytona (I will arrive Monday morning). I hear that arrivals yesterday and this morning are a little bit slow. But it’s only Friday. Is it going to be Bike Weak? (no, it’s not a typo) – Billy lane called me. His mind is full of new projects. I admire him for this. […]

Santiago 1939 Trike Kit

About to leave for Daytona Bike Week, something I know for sure is that I am going to see more stock & custom trikes. And you guessed it, the trend is Retrooooooo! As an example of what you can build is this nostalgia body kit offered by Santiago Chopper out of Tampa, FL.  where you can […]

Grand Opening Of Indian Motorcycle Of The Twin Cities

D Day for Art Welch, a long time Patumwan Parts Dealer and faithful reader of this Blog. This Saturday February 28th he is opening Indian Motorcycle Of The Twin Cities, Minnesota, Midwest largest Indian Motorcycle dealer. Quite an accomplishment for him from his humble beginnings in the business as Twin City Custom Cycles in a 800 sq. foot shop. […]

Barbie is 50 But Looks Younger

All men know at least one Barbie Doll (huh!). And Barbie is celebrating its 50th anniversary from the “pink floor” of Mattel in Los Angeles (the second floor of the building dedicated to all Barbie’s makeovers). She has the age of a lot of Harley riders but she still looks pretty good to me with no wrinles […]

A Video Message From Bruce Rossmeyer Destination Daytona

If you intend to go to the 68th Daytona Bike Week (February 27th to March 8th) Shelly, daughter and spokesperson of Bruce Rossmeyer, has a video message for you.  Follow this link. Destination Daytona Video Message

Crane Cams Closes Down

Crane Cams is well known in high-performance and racing circles for its line of camshafts and engine valve train components. The company just closed its doors this week and fired all its employees. Crane Cams and Crane Technologies Group were founded by Harvey J. Crane Jr. in 1953 as Crane Engineering Inc. in Hallandale, Florida. In […]

A First. 1939 Harley Knucklehead And 1948 Indian Chief Demo Rides

Oldies but Goldies. Don’t just admire old bikes. Try one out in Daytona. I am not kidding. Visitors to Daytona Bike Week will get a chance to experience history firsthand, thanks to The Antique Motorcycle Club of America. The AMCA will host a display at the Limpnickie Lot (Stone Edge Skate Park, 1848 S. Ridgewood […]

Deland Museum 6th Annual Chrome and Leather Party & Ride

Residing in Florida or arriving in Daytona a couple of days before the start of Bike Week, travel a dozen miles west to the Deland Museum to participate to the 6th Annual Chrome & Leather Bash. The event will begin February 27, 2009 at 7 pm with the “Wear Your Best Biker Gear” and enjoy […]

The Indians Are Coming

Indian Motorcycle is starting its Show Tour with of course a first stop in Daytona Beach. The traveling crew is on the road and will unload tomorrow at the International Speedway location a show truck packed with 2009 Indian Chiefs and the full line of parts, accessories and brand apparel. You will have the opportunity […]

Bobber Wheelies

French builder Frederic Duban of “Dub Performance” is so proud of his new “Bobster” built on a Buell base, than he cannot resist doing a few wheelies. Just for you…Don’t worry about the few French words in this video. In substance it means “F… stock bikes. Buy one of my Bobsters”. Yes, Fred…

Vintage Racing Pictures And More…

By accident I discovered this site called IronWigwam featuring vintage racing pictures, old bike parts posters and illustrations. It’s the website maintained by Rick Dillinger and if you buy some of his collectibles, you help him finance his next trip to the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials (August 30 to September 3, 09) where he will […]

David Uhl New Commemorative Daytona Bike Week Painting

Daytona Pier. A stereotype image of Daytona, especially if you participate or visit the “Boardwalk Bike Show”. The new Bike Week release of artist David Uhl named “Daytona Ink” use this pier as the background of this new painting featuring a female biker tattooed by Nick Pugh. “Daytona Ink” marks the fifth commemorative Bike Week […]

Yes It Can…Stop Engine Oil Spitting

Do you have a bottom breathing motor that spews all over the place after sitting for an extended period of time. I am pretty sure it happened to you. Lee at Wimmer Machine states that this little billet beauty, poetically called “Puke Can”, can stop your oily mess. CNC machined unit will clamp to your […]

What’s Going On At the Daytona Broken Spoke Saloon?

The Daytona Broken Spoke Saloon (in Ormond Beach) is one of five in the main cities where the show tour stops by every year for bikers to have a few drinks and get a lot of entertainment. So, what’s the line up for next week rally. Headlining the Spoke for Bike Week ’09 are the […]

New US Assembled RevTech® 125” Engine

During the V-Twin expo, Custom Chrome introduced the all-new RevTech 125”. The company states that the RevTech 125” offers upgrades over traditional V-Twins that make it truly one of the “best of the best.”  Starting with a clean slate, their engineers incorporated the best features and technology the market has to offer to create a […]

An Art Deco Treasure. 1934 Concept Motorcycle.

I have a huge passion for the Art Deco and the “Streamline Moderne” movements, both popular design styles between 1925 and 1939, and yes, invented by a small group of French designers, then exported all over the world.  Just look at this 1934 BMW R7 concept motorcycle just restored to its former glory.

Limited Edition Brad Pitt Benjamin Button Belstaff Jackets

“The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button” is probably one of the best movies of the last decade. A must see. In this Oscar nominated movie, Brad Pitt’s character is seen doing short motorcycle rides on an Indian and Triumph motorcycle and wearing very cool leather jackets (my preferred is the Button Jacket on the right). […]

Jeff Nicklus To Build 20 Rat Bikes

Not the kind that have fallen apart over time. And anyway they are not built, but aged…and just maintained. Instead, Jeff Nicklus is in the process of building 20 new custom motorcycles for a group named “The Desert Rats Group” made up of American Citizens living and working in Kuwait. It just happened that Jeff […]

Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum Breakfast At Daytona Bike Week.

Racing legends Scott Parker and Jay Springsteen will be the guests of honor at the 21st Annual Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum “Friendraising” Breakfast on Friday, March 6, in Daytona Beach, Florida. The flat track champions will share stories with celebrated Harley-Davidson tuner Bill Werner, whose skills helped Parker and Springsteen to a number of […]

Joke Of The week. About 3 Blondes…

3 Blondes were all applying for the last available position with the Florida Highway Patrol. The detective conducting the interview looked at the 3 of them and said “So y’all want to be cops, huh?” The blondes all nodded. The detective got up, opened a file drawer and pulled out a folder.  Sitting back down he […]

The Fine Art Of The Motorcycle Engine

As the opposite of cars, motorcycles are built around an engine.  In addition to its mechanical conception, an engine appearance is the major component defining a motorcycle aesthetic value. Reason why motorcycle engineers are in a perpetual mission to design power plants both performing but also pleasing to the eye, obsessed with the best combination […]

Old School Seat Post Power Control Box

Of course you noticed. The Old School customization trend is so strong that everything new has to look old. It includes state-of-the-art parts like this housing, power control module and key switch housing assembly from Wire-Plus. This system features a CNC machined “old school” ball-milled look on its teardrop shaped billet assembly and includes a […]

Nucleus. A Motorcycle Design Fiction

nUCLEUS is a conceptual project that will be featured in a book called “Nonobject Design Fiction”. I quote: “We believe that a new breed of alternative fuel vehicles deserves a new level of experience. Why must motorcycles mimic each other DNA. Why motorcycles mirror ferocious animals from the wild? Are we capable of doing it […]

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