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Free Gas At The Sturgis Broken Spoke Campground

Ok, not for everybody. Starting today if you are one of the next 200 reservations at the Sturgis Broken Spoke Campground you will receive a $20 gas gift card (per tent site and RV spot), redeemable at Big D Oil Stations across South Dakota. And if you reserve a cabin at the Broken Spoke, you […]

Important Sturgis Builders Breakfast Update

As the opposite of what some have stated, the 3rd annual Sturgis Builders Breakfast is not cancelled, but modified from its normal routine to attract more attendees in a challenging economy. We realized that most people participating this year to the Rally are doing so by tightening their belts. Many wished to participate to the […]

Breaking News. Harley-Davidson Acquires 100% Of Italian MV Agusta

On June 5th, I published an article advising you that Harley-Davidson was in advanced talks to buy Italian manufacturer MV Agusta (see original article HERE). Many of you were skeptical, but I knew that my sources were very reliable. Now it’s official. Harley-Davidson bought all MV Agusta Group shares for a total consideration of approximately […]

New Fat Katz 21″ And 23″ Front Fenders For Baggers

Custom builders love to install a 21” or 23” front wheel on a Bagger. So, wheel and fender manufacturers catch up very fast to answer our new needs for new parts. Fat Katz, a leader in steel gas tanks and fenders that I use very often just released 2 brand new fenders in these 2 […]

What’s Going To Happen When You Steal My Work

In all industries some people and corporations make a living, or try to, by copying the original work of others. In my profession, it’s true with one-off motorcycles, custom parts and now with my Blog. Here the story of a motorcycle website (I will not mention the URL address because I don’t want to artificially […]

How To Build a Bobber On A Budget.

Didn’t see Jose De Miguel on the show tour last year. Now, I kow why. He was busy writing this book whose main proposition is not how to Build A Bobber, but how to Build It On A Budget. And he means for less than the price than any “new bobber” offered on a dealer […]

A Lot Of Brouhaha In Sturgis

During the rally you can win $15,000 in Trophies & Swag At Bikernet’s Brouhaha! Ride In Bike Show to debut on August 8th for a full day of fun…and brouhaha. The event will be located at Thunder Road in Sturgis and will feature dawn to dusk  non-stop entertainment. Headlining the event is a ride-in bike […]

Mr. Lucky Wants You!

    Do you think you designed and produced a very cool custom retro looking part but have no money, no structure, or no inclination to market it yourself? Have you ever wondered how custom parts land in catalogs? If you have an out of sight retro part that you are just dying to get […]

President Brett Smith About S&S 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Brett Smith, President of S&S Cycle reads this Blog, and of course all the comments you made following my posts about the S&S 50th Anniversary Celebration. Below are his answers to your questions and/or concerns (picture Brett Smith with wife Robin during opening ceremonies) “Hello All: Judging from the various posts on this website, we […]

Bike Builders To Appear On Sturgis Rider Live at the Buffalo Chip Campground

Producers of the Sturgis Rider Live online show dedicated to showcasing custom motorcycles and all aspects of the American biker lifestyle will be taping live and on stage 4 to 6 p.m. at the Buffalo Chip Campground on Wednesday, August 6, 2008. The public is invited to attend and participate in the show taping. Show […]

State-Of-The-Art Front End

Customizing a motorcycle is an art form. Better start with some artistic designs. Like this Avalon front end that you could see featured in a Soho cotnemprary art gallery celebrating the fusion of form and function. Of course, it’s sculpted from noble solid billet aluminum, is available with different triple tree rake (3, 5, 6 […]

Canadian Biker Build-Off

I can talk about it because last year I was invited and had a very good time. It’s Canada’s #1 Custom Bike Building Challenge and this year will be the 4th edition (July 25-27). Here how it works. Bike builders must be from Canada and can enter only 1 custom bike that never competed before […]

Xena Disc-Lock Alarm. Looks And Sounds Good To Me.

Why a lock would not look good on your bike? You must admit that this one is looking cool in its high nickel content stainless steel mono block construction. But I would not talk about it if it would not perform equally well. It incorporates a 110 db shock and motion sensor that you alarm […]

2008 Carlisle Bike Fest Is July 25/27

The 2008 Carlisle Bike Fest is one of the best tickets on the East Coast for fans of everything on two wheels.  Stunt shows, bands, vendors, food and drinks and special guests will be packed into one weekend at the Carlisle Fairgrounds in Carlisle, Pennsylvania on July 25-27. The Carlisle Bike Fest is nicknamed “The […]

Sturgis 2008. You Gonna Love Riding Back Home.

It is a pretty good idea coming from the crew at Baker Drivetrain. You ride up to Sturgis with your 5-speed transmission (factory or after-market) bike and ride back home smoothly shifting a new Baker Direct Drive 6-speed. I let them explain to you how to make the switch while you enjoy the Sturgis Rally. “Make […]

The Art Of The Helmet

  Parisian Designer Jerome Coste was reading a Japanese motorcycle magazine and fell in love with the spirit of the Tokyo biker gangs who expertly mixed street and vintage motorcycling culture. Hence came the idea for a brand of helmets that would incorporate retro design with modern technology. It’s the way Jerome acquired his obsession […]

Sucker Punch Sally’s New Taste

During Sturgis “Sucker Punch Sally” is going to host a Bike Giveaway at the legendary Buffalo Chip.  The reason or the pretext?  The Launch of 2 drinks: a “Sucker Punch Original Octane” energy drink  and a “Punch Shine” classic 120-proof moonshine! Wow! I would have thought that Sucker Punch Sally would launch first…a Punch drink. […]

Renegade Wheels. You Can Order Them In 23”

This front wheel size getting more and more popular, Renegade Wheels is now offering all its designs in 23”diameter x 3.75 for a tall and sleek design. They are offered in chrome, Ebony or powder coated to your liking. The new 23’s are priced at $1595.00. All Renegade rims come with applicable hubs and bearings […]

S&S 50th Anniversary Celebration. And The Winners Are…(Part 3)

Announce in this Blog of the list of winners of the competition held during the S&S 50th Anniversary Celebration provoked a flurry of comments. First, let me say that I love the winner bike but that I don’t know if it would have been my choice because I was not there and didn’t have the […]

Mesinger Racer Seat. You can’t find one. Make one.

With its base in wood, its bicycle look, the Mesinger Seat was standard equipment on race motorcycles during the teens & twenties. And you would love to find an original one for your restoration or new old school bobber or boardtracker project. You could spend years with no success just looking for one. Don’t despair. […]

Burning Water Is New Power

Tonight Alan Lee On Reality Show Chopper Challenge

Today Wednesday July 2 at 8.30 PM EST on CMT, the new custom builder featured in this reality show series is Alan Lee building a “Monster Energy” theme motorcycle.  Every week, the 10-episode prime-time series presents a different bike builder constructing a custom motorcycle that incorporates a brand into the vehicle design. Previous shows included the […]

Zeel Design New Bolt-On 200 And 240 Wide Tire Kits

Michael Long at Zeel design,  a well-known specialist of wide tire kits, is launching 2 new conversion systems for Harley Sportsters that he qualifies as “true bolt-on”, meaning a lot of time and/or money saved. The 240 mm wide tire kit is for your model 2004 and up. Comes with their special offset pulley and […]

S&S 50th Anniversary Celebration. And The Winners Are…(Part 2)

From left to right. Nicolas Chauvin from Nicolas Chauvin Design (France), Bertrand Dubet from Odyssey Motorcycles (France), Keiji Kawakta from Hot-Dock Custom Cycles (Japan), Freddy Krugger from Krugger Motorcycles Company (Belgium)

S&S 50th Anniversary Celebration. And The Winner Is…(Part 1)

As you know 50 builders were competing during last weekend S&S Cycle 50th Anniversary Celebration. Builders were showing S&S engine powered custom bikes classified in 6 series depending of the model of engine used. The overall winner won the $50,000 prize. Best Of Show: Hot Dock from Japan. Best P-Serie (Panhead): Freddy Krugger from Belgium. Best SH-Serie (Shovelhead): […]

The Best Breakfast In Sturgis

The best one will be served at the Broken Spoke Saloon on Lazelle street on Tuesday August 5th at 9 AM. Yes, I am talking about the 3rd Annual Builders Breakfast where you can as the same time have your breakfast (plenty of food), meet with your preferred custom builder, get autographs and photo opportunities, […]