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A Message From Custom Builder Roger Goldammer

“Hello to all. I would have preferred not to have to write this at all, but I feel the need to do it.  Personal matters should be kept personal, but when it is not and the information is very false, I think people should have the opportunity to find out the truth. Letters were sent […]

Big Dog Lays Off 20 employees And Will Introduce New Models

During an economic slow down, the best thing a motorcycles manufacturer can do is to closely monitor its retail sales to avoid an overloaded factory inventory, keeping a realistic production in phase with the market. And unfortunately it can mean reducing your work force to adjust to deteriorating economic conditions. Effective yesterday Big Dog Motorcycles […]

Buzz Kanter And Group Of Enthusiasts Launch Motorcyclia

You probably know and use Wikipedia, the Web-based, free-content encyclopedia written collaboratively by volunteers (you and me) and sponsored by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. It contains entries both on traditional encyclopedic topics, on current events and people with articles subject to be modified and changed by nearly anyone. Buzz Kanter, publisher of American Iron Magazine, […]

Foo Fighters at Harley Davidson’s 105th Anniversary Celebration:

Singer-guitarist Dave Grohl and his band Foo Fighters will perform as part of the 105th Anniversary Celebration for Harley-Davidson on August 29th. The concert will takes place at the Roadhouse at the Lakefront located at Veteran’s Park in Milwaukee, WI. An anniversary celebration ticket is not necessary for admission to the Foo Fighters. However, celebration […]

Picture Of The week. No comment.

2009 Indian Chief Motorcycle. More Details Revealed.

As the launch date draws near (although it is yet to be announced), more details about the renaissance of this iconic American motorcycle brand are being revealed.   1-Dealers: At present, Indian dealers are already staged for opening for Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, Denver, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles, with an additional 12 applications being processed. Given […]

Evil Engineering 17” LSD Belt Drive System

Built to handle “Balls-To-The-Wall” raw power Evil Engineering is releasing a very custom primary system for very custom applications. Their new stretched primary has a 17” crank shaft to transmission main shaft center distance with a lowered starter design. These extreme features allow for extreme modifications by badass builders. The 17” LSD is made to […]

New Monster Tires Are Roaming Our Planet

I never been very much in very wide tires. Less now than ever. But many of you are still in “as wide as possible” tires, often asking me where they can find these monstruous tires they have seen in magazines. If it’s not an Avon or Metzeler tire, and if the size is beyond the […]

To Cyril, Women Motorcyclist.Com and My Motorcycle Family. Thank you!

Brenda Fox sent me this letter. ‘The support I have received means more to me that words could ever express. I never thought I would be dealing with Breast Cancer. The morning I discovered I needed immediate health attention,  I was scared for my life and I never imagined I would have to deal with Breast Cancer issues […]

Billy Lane Sued By Erin Derrick In DUI Case

Erin Derrick, the passenger of Billy Lane on the night of the crash that took the life of Gerald Morelock has filed civil suit against Lane and Chrysler. The complaint states: 1- That at the time of the September 4, 2006 accident, defendant Lane was operating the vehicle even though he knew or should have […]

Choppers For Rent In Las Vegas

Marc Brattin noticed that it was impossible to find anyone who would let you ride or even test ride a motorcycle without actually buying it first. This was particularly evident with a brand new custom chopper. As a result, Marc opened Las Vegas Choppers in 2006 enabling motorcycle enthusiasts and dreamers alike to rent and […]

Sturgis Rally Launched A Lottery Scratch Game

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally instant scratch game arrived at stores on April 30. The $2 scratch tickets are sold at the South Dakota Lottery’s 620 retail locations statewide. The game has more than $467,000 in prizes for players to win, including three top prizes of $10,000. Sales of the South Dakota Lottery’s new Sturgis […]

2009 Indian Chief To Be Auctioned

On Saturday May 31 2008 Indian Motorcycle will put in auction a new 2009 Chief made to the highest bidder’s specifications. It will happen during the 2nd “Icons Of Music” to be hosted at the Hard Rock Cafe NYC Times Square. The star studded event is a day of rock ‘n roll memorablia to be […]

Jasmine Cain Rocks My Blog

I think that any great artist like Jasmine Cain entertaining you during years in big motorcycle rallies all over the country deserves to end up being featured in my Blog (you can read much more about her in the June issue of Easyriders & V-Twin Magazine). She is a powerful singer and songwriter. Before you […]

The Uno. Very Unique.

The Uno, an invention of 18 year-old Ben Poss Gulak was the main attraction of the 2008 Toronto National Motorcycle Show. Ben grew up around his grand-father’s basement machine shop and has spent much of his young life making projects like model trains, rockets and other cool stuff. At age 9, Ben entered into a […]

Spade Velocity Stack

I don’t run many shameless plugs about myself in my own Blog, but today I have a good reason. Only S&S carburetors equipped bikes would accept my Spade Velociy Stack. After letting you whine and scream during one year, I decided to offer it with a CV back plate. I remind you that we don’t […]

Another Good One Is Gone

Thomas “Criminal” Cavanaugh passed away on Monday morning, May 12, 2008. Criminal was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on a Friday the 13th  in 1943. He was 64. Criminal lived in West Palm Beach, Florida for over forty years. Years ago, he owned a motorcycle shop, and later, usually worked out of his garage, continuously wrenching […]

Custom Ness DVD Box Set

All builders going to the video format to show how to make a custom bike look cool and do it right the 1st time. Ness just released a DVD Box Set in which Arlen & Cory give you a step by step how-to guide to customize your big twin bike. What to expect? Shots of some […]

Touring Harley-Davidson Dash Panel Inserts

A new look for the dash face of your touring bike. These Dash Inserts are made out of billet aluminum and CNC machined. As you can see, there are many combinations offered to suit your bike and your taste. Chrome with carbon-fiber or black insert. Black with carbon-fiber or black insert. Or Carbon fiber with […]

Ride The Black Hills Of Sturgis With Custom Builder Rick Fairless.

If you are a custom motorcycles fan, you probably shook the hand, had your picture taken, and got the autograph of quite a few well known builders. But have you ever ridden with one of them? Probably not. Builder Rick Fairless of Strokers Dallas and also in August of Strokers Sturgis is going to give you the […]

Chopper Motorcycle Challenge On Country Music Television

The first episode of “Chopper Challenge” will air tomorrow night on CMT. The builder featured is Kirk Taylor of Custom Design Studios. I understand that in the show he is building an old school style custom bike for Geico Insurance. Kirk created his shop in 1988, offering the services of a full machine shop, fabrication […]

Picture Of The Week

Airstream trailers, a pickup and a pinup. This picture was taken recently in Las Vegas by “Sheriff”.  See his pictures gallery about many motorcycle events he attends in several countries by going to his Picasa Web Albums:

Can Eco-Friendly Motorcycles Be Badass?

Alternative-fuel and electric 2-wheelers are proliferating, especially in our big cities Would you ride one of these new greener motorcycles? Don’t say no. One day you will. Maybe not if you belong to my generation of baby boomers. But for sure if you belong to the following X or Y generations because nothing else will […]

Design The Bobber Motorcycle You Can Win

Each year, several print magazines ask builders to build a bike that a reader will be able to win under rules established by each magazine. This time, IronWorks Magazine in association with builder Brass Ball Choppers got a very interesting and original idea. Why not ask readers to design the custom Bobber one of them […]

What’s Going On At The Sturgis Hard Rock Roadhouse?

During Sturgis Bike Week 2008 the Seminole Hard Rock Roadhouse will once again make its home at Thunder Road. This year’s line-up will feature some of the industry’s best custom bikes, builders and special events. Christian Clayton of Sucker PuchSallys will unveil Sucker Punch Sallys’ Hard Rock Bike, and he and other builders will make […]

Looking To Buy A Harley-Davidson Panhead And Knucklehead

I have 2 clients looking for a Panhead and a Knucklehead. We don’t need bells and whistles. The bikes must be as original as possible. OEM engine and transmission, frame never modified, all matching numbers and good title (we are equipped to check everything). And we know the market prices. Make your best offer with […]

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