A Message From Custom Builder Roger Goldammer

“Hello to all. I would have preferred not to have to write this at all, but I feel the need to do it.  Personal matters should be kept personal, but when it is not and the information is very false, I think people should have the opportunity to find out the truth. Letters were sent to many people, businesses and blogs by “people” representing Brenda Fox, in particular a person with a tag of “WebMama” going by the name of “Hope”. Of course, I assume it’s not her real name, as I called her place of work and they have no knowledge of her. Since I can’t discuss with her,  obviously she is very unaware of the facts herself, yet is compelled to send out false info to people she doesn’t know at all, people I work with, many of you friends.
Those of you who know me, know who and what I am all about, the truth is that I have done everything in MY power to help Brenda for a very long time now, longer than the ten months ago when I found out about her present condition. Brenda is a wonderful person, and she is up against a lot. I encourage you all to help her in any way you can, as I will continue to, but I offer and encourage any and all of you to feel free to call me at the shop at or email me to discuss this further if you are interested in knowing the truth.
 I am sorry to have to bring this up at all., While I am far from perfect,  I have tried to be a certain type of person my whole life, and when anyone starts to preach otherwise, I get more than offended. While I have many regrets, I feel no guilt. Thanks for your time”. Roger Goldammer.

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  1. 1 Nicker May 22nd, 2008 at 12:53 am


    “… Personal matters should be kept personal…”

    Personal matters are for the most part non of anyone else’s business.
    Moreover they are irrelevant. (or should be) to the rest of us.

    We helped simply because it seemed appropriate for the situation, nothing more complicated than that.
    What you did “in [your] power to help” you need only justify to yourself.

    Stuff happens.
    We deal with it, we learn, and we move on.
    It is what it is, no explanations are expected or necessary.

    Intrusions you experienced (IMHO) should not have happened.
    Sorry about that.


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