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Harley Owners Competing with Harley Factory

I heard it several times before and it made me think a lot. “Why would I buy a brand new Harley when there are so many used ones available with low miles, a long remaining factory warranty and sold at such a big discount?” And this remark was not coming from individuals hunting for a […]

Kenny Price To Be Inducted Into Sturgis Hall Of Fame

From his teenager years when he was trying to tweak more power out of his Vespa to his today’s Samson Motorcycle Exhausts empire, Kenny Price never stopped designing and manufacturing innovative motorcycle exhausts. As a matter of fact he is the owner of many patents of high performance exhaust systems. He has already a large […]

Rolling Thunder Custom Motorcycle Frames

During these last weeks you commented a lot about frame welding and integrity. When talking about quality frames, you even mentioned Rolling Thunder Manufacturing as an example of a company producing strong and reliable frames. They use CMM which stands for “Coordinate Measuring Machine” , to verify that all of their products are accurate within […]

Desperately Looking For A Woman Welder

Received an email from Jennifer Simpson, Blog Editor of Carmen Electrode. She tells me that there’s been a lot of talk about the welder shortage and a lot of talk about why women don’t become welders. In her Blog, she is knocking down some of the preconceived notions about what kind of work welding is, […]

Picture Of The Week

Have you ever hated your computer gear? Me too. Have you ever wanted to shoot a computer with a gun, or throw away a not so smart Smartphone out of a window? Me too. Blue Screen Of Death using a PC? Phone locked with no apparent reason? Before you take a revenge, I will suggest […]

Motorcycle Hall OF Fame Adds to Celebrity Exhibit

MotoStars: Celebrities + Motorcycles” is the latest in a series of award-winning exhibits at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum. The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, the country’s premier showcase of motorcycling heritage and history, has revealed the names of more than 25 significant personalities and groups to be featured in this upcoming exhibition.  It […]

Detroit Bros New Headlight And Air Cleaner

The new “Malice” Head Light includes a mounting bracket and will bolt-on to most front ends, and features a super-bright GE hand spot lamp (MSRP $169.99) in raw aluminum or in polished aluminum ($189.99. Their new “Malice’ Velocity Stack will fit your stock HD Big Twin Carburetor from ’84+, and will also fit your S&S […]

For Harleys Only 3D Hammer Wheels

Forge-Tec Motorcycle Wheels is introducing a new 3D wheel available for all popular Harley-Davidson sizes, applications and models from 84 to 08, including ABS equipped models. Matching rotors and pulleys. These Hammer wheels can be bought only from Harley-Davidson stores. Can be ordered black powder coated, show polished, luxurious chrome and new for ’08 in […]

Start It Up At First Crank

Your bike was in storage for a few weeks or for a long winter. Time to ride again, But your bike will not start. And you already know the problem: accumulation of fuel related gums and varnishes. Never fun to diassemble your carb. to clean it when your friends wait for you rumbling their bikes […]

Billy Lane Opens His Diaries

Want to take a sneak peek at Billy Lane Diaries? I am sure you want. Billy informed me that he just finished his Diaries, at least for now because there is always another page to fill and another bike to build to chronicle our daily lives. Diaries are a place where each of us has […]

Harley-Davidson Cutting 700 Jobs

Today Thursday, Harley-Davidson Inc (HOG) warned that it would reduce production, lay off hundreds of workers and report full year earnings well below its forecast. Harley-Davidson is a strong, quality company that used to grow rapidly. Now it’s still a strong, quality company that will grow more slowly. The company expects earnings to fall 15 […]

World’s Largest Biker Pool At Sturgis Broken Spoke Campground

Sturgis Bike Week is in 105 days. Do you know where you are going to sleep? And swim after a long day riding the Black Hills, the Badlands, checking the bikes in bike shows and the girls at the Broken Spoke Saloon? The Broken Spoke Campground at Sturgis County line is back for the 2008 […]

Perimeter Brake Systems Brake Hard And Look Very Cool.

Custom builders use them more and more. And they were inspired by sport bikes using this system for performance braking. Perimeter brakes physic is quite simple. If you would try to stop a very fast spinning wheel with your hands (don’t try it), would it be easier if you squeeze the tire or the wheel […]

Bad Florida Legislation (Follow Up)

‘There is a Very Bad piece of legislation pending in the Florida Legislature it is Senate Bill 1992. It affects everyone who operates a vehicle not just motorcycle riders. Even if you agree with part of the bill Please examine all of it. This is Not Good For Florida Motorist and Motorcyclist. It is very […]

Duane Ballard Hand Tooled Seat

Hand tooling leather is an old technique craft. With the return of the retro looking bikes, hand tooled seats are in popular demand. But not all upholstery shops are able to do them correctly. One of the best is Duane Ballard who, since many years, is a master at the art of stamping, lacing and […]

The Horse Backstreet Choppers Announces Sturgis Bike Show

The Horse Backstreet Chopper Magazine organizes bike shows looking like no others. The reason is that their objective is to encourage, recognize, support and reward the average Joes working day jobs and then burning the midnight oil building bikes in their garages. A lot of creativity without spending a ton of money. It will be […]

Recipes For Power Boost

When you have a last night to finish your bike on time for tomorrow’s show, can’t bleed your brake or crank for the 1st time your new custom, want to end your life as a customizer, don’t throw in your shop rags. Just get a full 12-ounces of power with these 2 Simpson theme energy […]

A Buell Kit To Make It A Custom Hit

Don’t want to be caught riding a stock Buell? ITSABLAST is a very appealing kit designed and produced by Redneck Enginuity where can keep the performance of a Buell Blast but turn it in a very pretty custom bike. The arched back bone frame kit uses the engine as a stressed member and allows to […]

Indian Motorcycle News From Outside The Reality Distortion Field

Since 2004 Stellican’s acquisition of the Indian Motorcycle brand, and until now, we heard nothing from its executives. No information can lead to widespread rumors and distortion. Add to this the fact that Indian Motorcycle is an iconic brand over charged with a mix of nostalgia and emotion, that most of us have witnessed several […]

Mercury Customs New ProLite™ Wide Fender Lighting

ProLite is an easy to install lighting solution to fuse your taillight (run/brake) and turn signals in a minimalist accessory and to install under your wide tire rear fender. In addition to the sleek design, the beauty of ProLite is to conform to the width and arc of fenders used with 200, 240, 280 and […]

Exclusive. Indian Motorcycle Company Chairman Stephen Julius Breaks The Silence.

As you all know, I just spent a full day at the new Indian Motorcycle factory. I will start posting tomorrow all what I learned about the company, the executive team, the business plan and the new models. On your behalf, I asked a lot of questions and will publish the answers. I came back […]

You Can Own Leroy-Thompson “La Chicana”

Leroy-Thompson is raffling off their Horse Smoke-Out VII entry: “La Chicana” with the proceeds to beneficiate Ohio S.W.A.T Team. As you probably know, S.W.A.T Teams are composed of specialty police officers trained to respond to high-risk situations ranging from hostage negotiations to serving high-risk warrants to terrorist incident. Odds of winning are just 1 in […]

Rapide Air Cleaner

The beauty of this neo-retro air cleaner is not only its distinctive scallop design and grill, but the fact that you can make it yours by changing the finition of the grill – polish, chrome-brass- and painting its body to match your bike paint job. The Rapide air cleaner fits both S&S Super E or […]

Very Important Florida Motorcycle Legislature Alert

Freedom Fighter Rogue (Member Hall Of Fame) alerts you about Florida Senate Bill 802 and its companion House Bill 137 (which includes confiscation of vehicle for traffic offense).  Rogue requests that all concerned motorcycle riders Florida Legislators and request that Senate Bill 802 NOT BE ALLOWED TO BECOME LAW. There is also Senate Bill […]

Custom Chrome Europe 2008 Dealer Show.

With a powerful and extraordinary Bikes Show, Dealer Show and European Championship of Custom Bike-Building, the 2008 edition of the CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE DEALER SHOW in Germany topped last year’s record results in terms of attending dealers, visitors and number of show competitors. The quality of the motorcycles exhibited blew everybody’s mind as 100 never […]

True Bolt On 240 mm Wide Tire Kit For Harley-Davidson Bagger

Michael Long at Zeel Design has always been at the forefront of the rear wide tire conversion. And he is an expert at it. Not only on his outrageous customs, but also by installing true bolt-on wide tire kits on many Harley-Davidson models. Like this one letting you bolt on a 240 wide tire on […]

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