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On My Way To The Cincinnati V-Twin Expo

I am catching a red-eye flight to Concinnati. Or maybe my eyes are already red of too much blogging. This year, the V-Twin Expo will welcome about 500 exhibitors and thousands of v-twin dealers at the Duke Energy Center. The V-Twin Expo remains the one show to attend for both exhibitors and V-twin dealers. But […]

Find Your way On Your Bobber Or Chopper

Of course, you are not going to install a cumbersome GPS on your chopper or bobber handlebars. Of course, whatever the distance you ride on your bare bone bike, like everybody you get lost. Garmin, a leader in GPS just launched the Forerunner 405, a sexy GPS watch looking like a watch and not like […]

Patumwan Builds A Vintage Motorcycle.

This vintage looking bike was built at the request of I.A.F.F. (International Association Of Fire Fighters) with objective to be auctioned. The proceeds will go to the "Burn Foundation". The bike incorporates a lot of vintage 50’s and 60’s fire fighter apparatus that we restored and adapted to fit this project. Detailed studio pictures on […]

Keep Your Pants Down

When you ride fast or in the rain, pants clips can be very useful. Clips are not new, but these ones seem to work a little bit better at protecting you from wind and water, and also look better. Can it even be a piece of conversation? Your lady may want some too because they are “bikers […]

New-Line Engraving

            I have a lot of engraving on some of my customs (see bikes “Miami Nice”, “Deanager”, “Cruising” etc on my website). Talking to my fans, I discovered that many of you would have liked to do the same, but didn’t for 2 main reasons: 1- They didn’t know any engraver. […]

Bruce Springsteen To Rock Harley-Davidson 105th Anniversary Celebration

Harley-Davidson’s 105th Anniversary Celebration in late August is shaping up as the music event of 2008 with today’s announcement that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, along with Billboard 200’s top-selling artist Daughtry, will headline separate concerts over the course of the four-day event in Milwaukee. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will […]

Polaris 4Q Profit Up Mostly on ATV Sales

Polaris Industries Inc. said Tuesday fourth-quarter profit increased 16 percent, driven by solid snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle sales. Snowmobile sales surged 30 percent to $80.2 million, while ATV revenue grew 21 percent to $336.8 million. Sales of Victory motorcycles were up 7 percent to $36.1 million and parts, garments and accessories revenue gained 19 percent […]

All Woman Bike Build In Chicago February 8/10

More women are riding (+ 36% in 5 years). More women are building bikes. More events feature women riding and building bikes. To help promote motorcycle safety and rider education among women riders, Allstate will sponsor Gina Woods’ XX Chrome  ‘All Woman Bike Build’ at the 27th Annual Cycle World International Motorcycle Show, Feb. 8/10. […]

Hard-Ass New Concept Hummer H4

I didn’t want you to miss this one. For now, only a concept vehicle, but automotive spies (the ones with very long camera tele-objectives) think it’s the basis for the new Hummer H4. Full time 4WD, 35 inch tires, an E85 Flex Fuel 3.6 L SIDI V6, removable doors, roof and fender flare, to make […]

Jesse James To Debut Air Stream Side Car “At Legend Of The Motorcycle”

Custom bike builder Jesse James has announced that his newest creation, a glistening aluminum-clad motorcycle and sidecar combo for client Airstream will make its first public debut at the Legend of the Motorcycle Concours on May 3rd. James and his welders machined, riveted and hammered 18-gauge steel and razor-thin aluminum into a space-age looking vehicle, […]

OCC Limited Edition Production Bike Line

          This weekend, during the 2008 Cincinnati V-Twin Expo, OCC will unveil (at booth 2460) the 4 models of their new limited edition production line (they are named Original, Splitback, Web and Greenie). I understand that OCC just added 2 extra models. And of course, OCC is looking for Motorcycle Dealers […]

S&S Enters The Classic And Vintage Engines Market

In July, I was the first one to post and inform the industry on the acquisition of Flathead Power by S&S Cycle. Flathead Power was a company that serviced classic/vintage engine lines and  components dating back to 1936, and was a perfect compliment for the S&S product line and brand. Since the fall of last […]

Do We Need One More Motorcycle Exhaust Manufacturer?

It seems that everything has been done in terms of motorcycle exhaust design.  But if a lot of manufacturers seem satisfied in reproducing the shapes of other pipe benders, a few continue to explore new ways to get rid of your engine exhaust fumes. Like this company called Miami Exhausts offering a few unseen surprising […]

The Best Race. Bugatti Veyron Against Eurofighter Typhoon. Who Win?

Any gear head is going to love this one. I wish I could have driven the Bugatti. So well filmed and edited that your heart is going to race very fast. And the winner is… 

Old School Air Cleaner

It looks at its best on any bobbed or chopped bike. It’s slightly smaller than the traditional Goodson air cleaner (6 1/2″ x 3.5″), ribbed to emphasize the retro style,  breathing big through its Unifilter element.  Of course, I use it on my custom bikes (see it on my Peacemaker Chop featured in current issue […]

Fuck This Book

Who would have thought that the worst taboo word of the English language could provide so much social philosophy? This book presents images of real public signs that have been altered by affixing fuck stickers. The results are hilarious. For example, when you go to the park, please “Don’t Fuck The Pigeons”, or are you […]

American Custom Exhaust For Victory Riders

Quite a few of my readers own a Victory. You know, the only true American V-Twin Brand. But Victory owners don’t have yet as much choice to customize their ride as Harley riders. To help them, here an American address where they can choose among a wide choice of custom exhausts. Hacker Pipes will even […]

Sir Elton John Donates 120 Motorcycles

Motorcycles save lives. A lot of celebrities (Richard Branson from Virgin Air was the 1st one) are giving motorcycles to doctors and medical personnel working in Africa to help them access remote areas where cars can’t be used. Sir Elton John just did it and donated 120 motorcycles to doctors in Lesotho (a small country […]

Spy Shots Of 2 New Viper Motorcycles

They are still in the garage being prepped for their 1st appearance. Here a sneak preview of what Viper Motorcycles will unveil in 10 days at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati. Both bikes have the same 152" billet engines (wow) but with short stroke to deliver lower vibrations. Later this year, Viper will offer their […]

Your Road King or Dresser Missing Link

This link is designed to eliminate the uncomfortable condition known as tank slap or high speed wobble occurring on rubber mounted models like Dressers and Road Kings. The main cause of this problem is “Rearsteer” which happens when the swingarm rubber mounts are compressing. When cornering, the suspension movement is side loaded and will nothing […]

Time For Upside-Down Champagne.

More or less, in the US, we are all “upside down” with our motorcycle or car loan, real estate mortgage, and depressed seeing our 401 K retirement plan melting like snow in Florida (yes, it happened). And nothing much we can do while going through this recession (whatever our economists and politicians are saying or […]

New Harley-Davidson Cross Bones. Darker Than Dark

I swear that if you had asked me 2 years ago I would have told you that the Mother Factory would probably release, sooner or later, a Softail Bobber. It was so evident. Not only because the retro trend was in full swing, but because nothing screams more Harley than a Bobber. For example, sketch […]

Dealer Expo 40th Edition.

This post reserved to the professionals of the motorcycle industry. For its 40th edition in Indianapolis IN, February15/18, the 2008 Dealer Expo promises to offer new features. 1- The Exhibitor Pavilion located at the Marriott will be opening February 15th, one day earlier to allow Dealers to have enough time to preview the new product lines. 2- A […]

Billy Lane Trial. The Blood Evidence

Regarding his DUI Manslaughter case, on January 18th Billy Lane was in Court in Viera, Florida for a hearing about where his blood evidence should be tested.  His lawyers argued that the state of Florida cannot dictate where the blood works should be sent. They also claimed full responsibility for the blood evidence once it […]

Pro Builder Custom Saddlebags Kit

Professional builders use this kit to use it as is or as an easy base to custom design your saddlebags (a lot has to be invented). It includes everything you need to do it yourself. It includes the 2 unpainted bags, all powder coated brackets and all necessary hardware. It’s a very good deal at $399.95 (try […]

Support The Broken Spoke Saloon

From Rogue, I received the following story. Most of us in the industry know South Dakota Jay Allen, owner of the Broken Spoke Saloon and owner/developer of Broken Spoke Saloon and Sturgis County Line Campground. And a lot of you have spent time at his places during motorcycle rallies. At a December 5, 2007 review […]