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Windshield Tech Trim

Another part from Cycle Visions to make your bagger the most visible on the road without making it look too much like a Christmas tree. It’s a new windshield trim with integrated sequential amber turn signals and featuring 16 run & turn LED’s. Installation is easy by connecting the Tech Trim to your stock wiring harness. Trim […]

Motorcycle Accidents. Mike Greenwald Says It The Way He Sees It.

I received this very interesting article written by Mike Greenwald without first realizing that he was one of my faithful readers usually commenting under the name of GoldIron. This post is a little bit long for a Blog, but very much worth reading from A to Z. And I expect a lot of comments on this one.  .  "The cost […]

Last Minute Biker Christmas Gift Idea

He or she got everything, or you have no idea about what to offer him or her for Christmas. Uner $20.00,marker included, it’s a tee-shirt with the famous "im in ur" phrasing with blank spaces to fill out by you or the person who will receive it. Now,don’t ask me to suggest a few texts because I can be very hardcore […]

Roger Bourget Introduces The Shredder F-80 Quadracycle

I knew that Roger Bourget was ready to try something new and build something else than 2-wheelers. Not only as a way to diversify his business but also to regenerate excitement in his professional life. Yeah, after a certain time (for him & me it’s already more than 15 years building bikes!) exploring new horizons […]

Tattoos For Dollars And Dollars For Tattoos

Yes, a Tattoo Artist career can be financially rewarding. But how do you learn? In a tattoo shop or in a tattoo school. Andrei Nichols manages the day-to-day operations of what he states as being the World’s Only Tattoo School. First off, the establishment is a registered, licensed trade school recognized by the Michigan Department […]

Season Readings

Technology is getting so cheap that you you can get a Christmas tree ornament scrolling and flashing 8 different LED messages for $14.95 only (4 AA batteries not included). It’s called "Season Readings" (got it?). Messages include  Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / Happy New Year / Peace on Earth / Seasons Greeting / Home for Xmas […]

Digital Life On Your Bike

No, in our custom motorcycle world not everything is retro style. For all those who need digital high tech instrumentation, it’s difficult to beat the performance, reliability and design quality of the Dakota line of miscellaneous gauges. This new Spiked Speedometer/Tachometer Information Center gives you all the following. 0-199 MPH or KM/H Speedometer, 0-8,000 RPM […]

Ex OCC Vinnie Di Martino And Cody Connelly Start V-Force Customs

First, I wondered if I should mention OCC in the title of this post because in their new V-Force Website none of them mention their former employer by name when each of them write his professional background. For both, it goes like that. Vinnie: "I started a job in a small local bike shop and the company (who?) […]

Ness Guest Speaker At Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum In Daytona Beach

On March 7 in Daytona Beach, FL I will not sit next to Arlen, but front of him to listen to his stories (I hope new ones) from his celebrated career. It will be at 20th annual Hall Of Fame Museum “Friendraising” Breakfast. The event will be open to the public for $49 per person. […]

Face Lift For Your Fairing

            As a Custom Builder I am in the privileged position where I see all the new cool products just before they are released. And I can observe that the number of new items for baggers outnumbers by far any category of custom parts. Here a new example illustrating the explosion of […]

Ex-Titan Motorcycle Owner Andrew Donald Proudfoot Charged With VIN Fraud

Andrew Donald Proudfoot, ex-owner of Titan Motorcycle Co. is charged in a 3rd-degree felony case of VIN fraud (altering or removing an original VIN number). Known as “Donn” Proudfoot, Andrew was arrested March 3rd in Volusia County, Florida during Daytona Bike Week. He was bonded out of custody the same day. He was arraigned August […]

Breaking News. Wal-Mart Wiping Motorcycle Magazines Off Their Shelves

Inside a supermarket, even newsstands must be profit centers. Right? Until now it seems that it was not the case at retailing giant Wal-Mart. So the chain has decided to clean the shelves from all non profitable magazines. And, unfortunately, it includes many motorcycle magazines that you will no more find during your next shopping […]

Hot Shocks From Progressive Suspension

Thanks to water-jet technology, you can now extend to your shocks the flame theme of your paint job. This is the first new product from Progressive Suspension for 2008. The company used their road proven multi-stage velocity sensitive damper system with 5 position pre-load adjuster, and combined it with water jet cut flamed cans. Shocks are provided […]

Harley-Davidson Facing The Great Wall Of China

We all know that Harley-Davidson 3rd quarter earnings fell more than 15 percent from last year because of sluggish sales and that the company had to cut production because of the difficult U.S. business environment. More than ever, Harley needs to open and penetrate new foreign markets. China is potentially the most rewarding country. Harley-Davidson officially […]

Color My Spark Plug Wires

If you relocate your coils centered between your engine cylinders, you need a pair of same length spark plug wires (like was the setup on an original Harley FXR). And if you want the true custom look you will choose spark plug wires in a color matching or complementing your paint job. We sell these […]

New Billet Edge Forks By Fierce American

        Fierce American introduces the Fierce Edge Billet forks. This exceptional American made fork features creative design, Quality billet construction, all stainless steel hardware and precision internal components. Available in single or dual caliper. Finishes available are show polish, chrome and black anodized. Offered for most Harley-Davidson models and custom applications. Fierce American Forks […]

A Bobber And Two Women Builders To Fight Breast Cancer

Jody Perewitz of Perewitz Cycle Fabrication and Sara Liberte of RT’s North Hills Cycle are teaming up to build a Bobber motorcycle live on stage at 3 of the Northeast Motorcycle Expo shows produced by Kev-Marv Productions. Jody is the daughter of builder Dave Perewitz, Jody and has been surrounded by motorcycles her whole life. Sara Liberte […]

Motorcycle Picture Of The Week.

I thought that the drum or barrel shaped wooden board wall around which stunt motorcyclists ride defying gravity and carrying out tricks was only an American & English tradition. Until I saw this picture taken in India at the Jammu Carnival. To bikes, they add cars, with disastrous results, several riders and spectators being injured […]

Labels Are For Jars. Not For People.

        John Varvatos, one of the top American Fashion Designers (and the one who designed my Converse shoes model), got a fabulous idea to feed the hungry and fight societal labeling. He created the project “Labels Are For Jars”.(not for humans). For example, to raise money to help hungry people living in […]

For All Biker Geeks. Utili-Key 6-in-1 Tool

We’re swinging into holiday gadget giving season and this weekend I am almost certain that you are going to hit the mall or do some online shopping. To helpyou and if you are like me a biker geek, you should love this 6-in-1 tool looking like a key on your key ring. It’s the lightest […]

Klock Werks New Flare Windshield

A windshield has never been the sexiest part of a touring motorcycle. But a lot can be done to improve its cosmetics and its efficiency. Here an example called the Flare Windshield. This one was developed in a wind tunnel and proven on the Salt Flats of Bonneville during a bagger speed world record attempt and […]

Barnett Magazine Announces World Championship Of Bike Building Special Edition

Barnett Magazine positions itself as the best looking magazine on the newsstand. And I agree that the layout and the pictures are very nice. A new special issue on the shelves in February may become the prettiest one ever for the magazine. Reason why? It will showcase all the bikes of the 2007 AMD World Championship of […]

Viper Motorcycle Ready To Launch 4 New Models

          From his headquarter in Minnesota, Fred Proctor, General Manager of Viper Motorcycle Company sent me the following update on their next production. In the business environment that we know, it is exciting to see a company ready to bring new American made models to the market. I want to add […]

Licensed Harley-Davidson Bean Bags for the Holidays

Sometimes, I wonder. Does Harley-Davidson really need to license an iconic motorcycle name to a company selling a line of bean bags and bean bag chairs? I guess it’s like the Elvis Presley name. Some obsessed fans would mortgage the house to buy any junk memorabilia. You already understood that I am not a potential […]

S&S Cycle New Bonneville Speed Record By Jeff Bailey

S&S Cycle® announces a new Bonneville speed record set by S&S Engineering Manager Jeff Bailey during the week of September 11-15, 2007. Using an S&S SB100 in a 1999 Buell® X1 chassis, Bailey made runs that averaged 172.591mph establishing a new record in the APS/PG-1650 class. The engine in Bailey’s bike is essentially all stock, […]

Forge-Tec Wheels In Stock

              13 new models of custom wheels in stock for Harley-Davidson 84 to 08 and all Victory models. The same models available for the very sought after by custom builders 23” front  wheel, and up to the size you need when wrapping a rear wheel with a 360 mm […]

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