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Pepper Massey New Director Of The Sturgis Rally.

The City of Sturgis has announced that Pepper Massey will continue as Director of the Sturgis Rally Department, moving from interim to permanent beginning September 26, 2007. Pepper joined the Rally Department as Interim Director on June 25, 2007. Pepper’s background in public relations, communications, event planning and marketing, coupled with over 25 years experience […]

Kaoko Throttle Control

For you, long distance riders, a new throttle control a little bit different from the ones you may know. This one is supposed to be extremely simple to install, 15 minutes on stock grips (different models for Harley-Davidson & Metrics) and a little bit longer when using after-market grips. You know the objective: reduce your […]

Shell Wants To Fuel Your Harley-Davidson

A sponsorship alliance has been signed between the 2 companies. Harley-Davidson recommends premium gasoline for all their motorcycles. Now they recommend that you refuel at a Shell gas station. Harley will soon place all 14,000+ Shell-branded stations on the motorcycle maker’s online Harley-Davidson Ride Planner, where riders will find Shell V-Power premium gasoline. Riders will […]

DeepSickness Bars For Wicked Custom Bikes.

Greg at Greg’s Custom Cycles has a taste for bikes and parts with an aggressive stance. So, he created a line called "DeepSickness" already including a monster front end and several sets of bars. The model shown here is a tri-point design offered pre-drilled or already prepared for internal throttle use. 1 1/2" DOM steel tubing, 32" wide, […]

Oakley. The Success Story Of A Former Motorcycle Parts Rep.

Everybody loves success stories. And me even more when the guy behind it comes from the motorcycle industry. In 1975, a motorcycle parts salesman named Jim Jannard languished at his dead-end job in California. Along the way, he developed a space-age meterial called “Unobtanium” that he sold for motorcycle grips. He quit his job, and […]

Back To The Future. Odyssey Girder..

Take the old and legendary girder front end. Keep its spirit but make it as high tech as possible by using the best of modern technology to machine it out 7075 T6 billet aluminum. Don’t count the number of CNC hours and if you have vision & talent you will arrive to this massive beauty. […]

Ridley Oeight Models

I have to tell you the truth. When Ridley appeared on the motorcycle scene, I was belonging to the group of those who classified their bikes as made for novices and women. Then, 3 years ago during Bike Week, I had the chance to ride one through the Daytona Bike Week traffic. And I enjoyed […]

Listen To Marilyn Stemp. Ride To Work.

Marilyn Stemp, Executive Director of Iron Works Magazine is one of the sweetest ladies of our motorcycle industry. Very discreet but very efficient, she is one of those you will always see helping others during most charitable events. From her North Carolina office she shares her thoughts about riding to work, even in winter.      "As falls moves into winter, riders […]

Liquidation Auction At Ultra Motorcycle Company

In a document I received today, Ultra Motorcycle Company states that it is reducing manufacturing operations and moving its assembly location. And they offer a liquidation auction of their equipment (frame shop, fabrication machine tools, paint and motor shop), unsold bikes (from 2005 to 2007) and chassis with no minimum and no reserve with bids […]

Airstream Basecamp For You & Your Bikes

Here a trailer paying homage to Airstream’s past and taking styling cues from Airstream founder Wally Byam’s original 1935 Torpedo. Modern-looking and sleek this streamlined trailer is a springboard for outdoor adventures, not a living room on wheels. Park and open out the back: a tent option, engineered by outdoor products giant Kelty, gives you […]

Transportation Secretary Mary Peters Rides With Us?

Our Transportation Secretary is a woman. Good. She is also a biker. Very good. She seeks to educate riders and lower motorcycle deaths. Excellent. "Our nation’s greatest traffic highway safety challenge is motorcycle fatalities," says Transportation Secretary Mary Peters, noting that biking deaths are rising while other vehicle fatalities are declining”. The federal government has […]

McQueen’s Machines. The Cars And Bikes Of A Hollywood Icon.

Steve McQueen died in 1980 at age 50 of cancer. At the time of his death, he had around 50 meaningful cars and 100 meaningful motorcycles, a lot of parts and basket cases, and a knack for choosing classics. McQueen wasn’t just some star who liked to drive fast (yes, he got stacks of speeding […]

Stepped Exhaust Kit.

There are quite a few companies selling pipe kits to design (and weld) your own exhaust.  But 7th Phase Inc. is the only one I know offering a stepped pipe kit. A lot of trouble saved. Something very useful when you need to be different and/or when you need clearance in some places. Their kit includes 12 […]

Love Ride 24. The Largest One Day Charity Event In The World.

It happened yesterday in California. My correspondent “Sheriff” tells me that the forecast was wrong. It didn’t rain on the 20,000 participants and it was a success.  The Love Ride was founded 24 years ago by Glendale Harley-Davidson owner Oliver Shokouh as a way to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy and local children’s charities. Since […]

Sprocket Gas Cap By Covington Customs.

Shaped like a sprocket you will have no difficulty unscrewing this one. Sold vented or not vented, in polish or chrome, with a steel or aluminum bung to be welded to your gas tank. And if you ride a factory Harley still equipped with its factory gas tank, an adapter is also available. Covington Customs 

Harley-Davidson Hazard Video

While riding, never look at the rear, or you gonna fall….

Speed And Style

                    Asuza California, November 8th, 2007. Picture taken by "Sheriff" from Sheriff Media Group Sweden

Cyril My Friend, The World is Turning Ugly Man!

Chris Callen, founder and editor of The Cycle Source Magazine, wrote to me. Chris knows where his motorcycle roots are and never forget about them. He has a great understanding of our industry and a fine analysis of its evolution. When he writes, I read attentively, and you should too. When you are done, comment as much as […]

Sara Liberte Releases New Additions to her Photographic Series

Sara Liberte just released 4 new Images to be included in her Photographic series called ”Builder and Machine” focusing on portraits of craftsmen of our industry. The new line up includes motorcycle builders Jim Nasi, Jerry Covington, Rick Fairless and automotive builder Jimmy Shine featured here to illustrate this post Her particular technique, that she […]

Baldwin-Wilson Sets The Record Straight About The 360-Brake.

“Dear Cyril. Thank you providing a great website and forum for motorcycle enthusiasts. I appreciate that you have made this available. I have attached a response for posting on the blog, on behalf of Baldwin -Wilson Development Corporation. Hopefully this will answer many questions and provide the proper information in response to Chet Burozski’s Blog […]

Genesis Big Air Carburetor

Are you looking for big torque gain from bottom to top end? Yes, you do. The Genesis PSI series 3 can boost power to an incredibly 8 to 12% with an HP gain in most cases of 6 to 15 HP. With its clean look and a three-year warranty this carb. has a much larger […]

Gold Digger Chopper By Jesse James

                Here one chopper I like very much by WCC Jesse James. Frame: Greg Newton Up 1969. Fork: John Harman Girder. Motor: Accurate Engineering built by Aki at WCC. Transmission: 5-speed kicker by Miller, Germany. Whhels: Rear Sun, Front DID ribbed. Pipes: Jese James. Oil tank: Out of Bob […]

About the 360-Brake Failure.

As a Custom Builder, Dealer and Internet Publisher, I have moral obligation to publish the 2 following letters regarding the failure of the 360-Brake. “Cyril, My name is Chet Burozski. I was the sales rep for 360-Brake. Recently the company has gone through a take over by the minority stock holders and one of the […]

The Very Tricky Air & Billet Air-Springer Front-End

Take CNC machining at its best, add old fashion air pressure, and apply the technology to a motorcycle front suspension and you get the most advanced air-ride front-end. The Tricky Air & Billet Air-Springer uses 2 air bodies with caps and shafts made from 304 stainless steel material that are completely rebuildable. This type of […]

Nostalgia In Black & White

I love black & white movies and vintage racing pictures. By accident I landed on a website called Super Bike Planet where I saw superb photos shot by a photographer called Bob Magill.  I don’t know anything about this person, but I wanted to share with you. If you are like me, looking at these pictures in big format on […]

Gun Mug To Kill Time

Long time I didn’t introduce you to a new gadget. How many trips to the coffee machine are you doing every day? I even heard that some of you are not too busy. To kill time with a cup of coffee here the perfect accessory. Black with platinum trigger or white with gold-plated trigger. In […]

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