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Cam Am Spyder. Not For Me.

Is it a motorcycle, a snowmobile or a sports car? My opinion is none of them. And to tell you the triuh I scratch my head trying to figure out who is going to order and ride (drive) this.  A Canadian company called Bombardier just announced the production of the 2008 Cam Am Spyder. It […]

The Truth About Motorcycle Websites Traffic.

There is a lot of confusion about real traffic of websites. This confusion is created both by some website owners not having a clear understanding of their statistics and some others making false claims because they think that their real statistics cannot be verified. This last category is most often composed or website owners trying to make […]

Complete Sprocket Brake Drive Kit

I remember the time, just a few years ago, when it was almost impossible to find in the US a sprocket drive kit where the brake pinches directly on the chain sprocket. You had to order it from Tolle in Sweden. Then Pat Kennedy imported some, then Exile Cycles & HHI in the US made […]

Tauer Machine New Warlord Open Belt System

There is always room for improvement to make your starting easier, quieter and more reliable when you use an after-market open belt system. Tauer Machine® just introduced a new quite affordable 3” open belt primary called the “Warlord”. This open belt system has some new features. Gear ratio closer to stock gear ratio (to facilitate starts […]

Down Main Street Video Camera

Daytona Bike Week is only 3 weeks away. And I know I am going to see a lot of you cruising with a passenger to who you ordered to video shoot everything you are passing by.  I know, rally videos make good memories (and also enrage your friends who could not make it under the sun).  […]

Play The Spade Look

This Spade tag light is mine, and objectively (yes, I am objective) not many others that I would like to install on my custom bikes. In addition it features a 2-function LED light because I like to incorporate together the run & brake lights and hate to have to change filament bulbs breaking every month because of […]

Hardstreet Saddle Bags For Fatboys And Softails

Since not many of us can own at the same time both a street bike and a dresser for the long trips (depending of where you live) to Daytona or Sturgis I think it’s a pretty good idea to offer saddle bags that you can mount on a Harley Fat Boy or Softail. A company called […]

Industry Leaders Cincinnati V-Twin Expo 2007

Each year the V-Twin industry is treated to a party organized by the V-Twin Expo where Industry Leaders are honored. Some speeches are funny and food is good! Here the trophy winners. Life achievement award: Jon Kosmoski. Industry leader: Danny Gray. Frame designer: Daytec Raptor. Wheel Designer: Performance Machine Domino Wheel. Tech Product: Pegasus Fuel Injection. […]

Fuel Tank preparation & Restoration. I Warned You.

It always amazes me when I visit one of my painters to see how many gas tanks brought in by shops or garage builders are not sealed correctly. We all heard horror stories or saw the damage created by rusted, improperly sealed gas tanks. How much did you pay for this artwork? Of course any […]

Arlen Ness King Of Choppers

The book is a retrospective of the motorcycle art of Arlen Ness and is written & photographed by not less famous Michael Lichter. Is it easier or more difficult to talk about people that I know pretty well? Let’s see. I started my career with only one reference. A motorcycle builder & parts designer called Arlen Ness. […]

Michelin Supplier For Harley-Davidson.

As you can see Bibendum, the Michelin Man, is very happy. Harley-Davidson Motor Company announced that it will add Michelin as an official supplier of replacement tires for its motorcycles. Beginning mid-year, Michelin® motorcycle tires will be available at all Harley-Davidson dealerships across North America. Michelin has been manufacturing tires for motorcycles as long as […]

New Vicious Cycle Works Bars

I have been in with Thomas Davanzo a few years ago when he started his business of very radical custom handlebars. He was nice enough to ask me for some advice (What do you think? How should I sell?). Since then, his company has grown rapidly, offering the industry many exotic designs working well […]

Watch The Last BBO In A Visor Mounted DVD

When I saw this gadget, I thought that all of you driving long distances from rallies to rallies could be interested.  It is an interesting product to fight the boredom of endless highways. It’s a visor mounted DVD player with FM transmitter and you can watch (passengers only, please) the last episode of Biker Build […]

Most Amazing New American Performance Motorcycle

So, what was the most amazing new motorcycle exhibited last weekend at the V-Twin Expo of Cincinnati? No doubt for me. It’s this incredible high performance Shelby motorcycle, a collaboration between fellow Texans legendary Carroll Shelby from Shelby Automobiles Inc. and Bill Rucker from Rucker Performance. It’s no secret that if you want to build […]

Zeyner’s Motoring Collection

In any trade show, I want to see everything. I orderly walk every alley and methodically check every booth. During the V-Twin Expo, it’s the way I found out about a company called Zeyner. They specialize in motoring theme bags and briefcases, both in leather and ballistic nylon. And as a designer I must say […]

Hardknocks Bobber. Almost A True Bobber.

I never been excited by pocket bikes (my 16 years old son is, of course). But when I saw this one in Cincinnati at the V-Twin Expo I imagined I could have it in my garage, just for the fun of spinning around the block without having the homeowners association filing a new noise complaint against me. First, it’s […]

The Horse Smoke Out. 8th Edition

I always liked the posters announcing the Horse Smoke Out event. Because they are artistically good, different from any other event rally posters and also because they express well what the festivities are all about. A very relaxed celebration of home-built choppers and those who build them. It’s all about camaraderie, fun & music around […]

Good Bye Cincinnati. See You Next Year.

9.00 AM. Last breakfast in Cincinnati till’ next year. The 7th edition of the V-Twin Expo is going to open one more time at 10 AM and will close at 1 PM. Omygosh! Outside, perfect blue sky but with a temperature of 0 Fahrenheit! To setup and participate to a trade show is very hard […]

Tattoo Clothing Inked By Master Tattoo Artists

At the V-Twin Expo there is much more than custom motorcycles and parts. Anyone "surfing" the bikers & tattoo culture is also there. For example Peter Mui. He is an Oklahoma native with Chinese blood, an identity breaking all the usual cultural stereotypes. Proud of his heritage and to affirm his identity he decided to be known as the Yellow Man.  […]

Exclusive. The First New Crocker Motorcycle.

I was excited to see and touch it. As soon as the doors of the V-Twin Expo opened I rushed to the Accurate Engineering booth where the 1st new Crocker motorcycle was exhibited. And I am not disappointed. It is visually identical to the original but of course internally fully updated.The1936 Crocker enjoyed the distinction […]

Team America

Yesterday evening  in Cincinnati I was talking with other V-Twin Expo exhibitors about the Chinese motorcycle parts invasion. For example, last weekend I was in Clearwater Florida making an appearance at the Tampa Bay Motorcycle Expo. The bikes exhibited on the floor were very representative of what people like to build, own & ride. Of course, I […]

V-Twin Expo 2007

Friday February 2. Hey, I am in Cincinnati. And I can prove it with this picture taken 1 hour ago at 6 PM local time. I will enjoy the V-Twin Expo 2007 edition opening tomorrow morning much more than the other ones because this year I am not an exhibitor, just a visitor. So, maybe […]

Exclusive. You Can Own A Silent Gray Ghost Replica.

I was in the confidence, and didn’t say one word until today. The Harley Gray Ghost is back in production! Almost. The bike you are looking at is a hand built, as faithful as possible, new engineered replica of the 1910 Harley-Davidson known as “Silent Gray Ghost”. And it is the brainchild of Mike Hanlon, […]