Tricky Adjustable Air Suspension Springer Front End

I have to acknowledge that I never been a big fan of air adjustable rear suspension. First because I very rarely build bikes for 2. Second because I am not too crazy about showing a compressor and extra air hoses on my bikes. Third because at the time Legends introduced its rear system, there was no equivalent air adjustable front end suspension, and for me, a bike must always be perfectly parallel to the ground when its rider sits on it (or sit in a show). Now, you have an option offered by a company called A nicely designed Springer with 2 air shocks that you can adjust via an onboard compressor. The front end is provided assembled in the length you want and includes all the necessary hardware & hosing you need. It can be adapted to any brand of motorcycles (cool) and is sold raw, in chrome or black chrome. It’s very good looking, will impress your friends and the judges of your next bike show. But for me, aesthetically, it looks better on high tech style bikes. For retro style, I stay with the old fashion springs (dual or single).has a very nice Flash site (high speed connection required).              

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