Brass Engine Head Bolt Covers

We all know that the addition & accumulation of small trick details make the difference between a good custom bike and an exceptional one. With the retro trend, brass, a combination of copper & zinc (from 5 to 45%), made a big return as a choice material for components installed on vintage looking motorcycles. Brass hand grips & foot pegs are already available from several manufacturers. For other parts you are still obliged, like I did on the bike “The Bravest” to give it its antique look, to find a good brass plater who will do the job for you. Recommendation: send him all your parts in 1 time or you take the risk of getting them back in different brass colors (he would not be able to compare the final tint of each part). The family of brass motorcycle parts is a little bit larger with the introduction of brass engine head bolt covers. Of course, brass looks very good when installed on a polished engine, but also in contrast of a powder coated one. They are CNC machined and held in place with a set screw. Available from                

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  1. 1 Joe McGlynn Dec 28th, 2006 at 2:20 am

    Actually, no. Weyland is a pal, I’d never rip him off.

    He makes brass nutz for shovel and ironhead ROCKER SHAFTS. His nuts are very cool, I have a set on my ironhead and I love them.

    These are totally different, they are HEAD BOLT COVERS for evo and twin cam engines.

    Check your facts please.

  2. 2 TBear Dec 28th, 2006 at 1:54 pm

    The above post WAS NOT by TBear of the Horse Magazine and
    Someone has bootlegged my name here and listed my web site addy for verification. This is total B.S.
    Joe McGlynn of Crime Scene Choppers is a decent, hard working inventive guy and NOT a rip off artist.
    Whom ever used my name to smear Joe is a low life faggot who doesn’t have the balls to post his bullshit under his own name.
    Anyone concerned can email me for verification at [email protected].
    The one and only, truly original,

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