Miami Ink Motorola Razr

Motorola’s Razr V3 mobile phone is everywhere, even in my pocket. 25 millions of the iconic clamshell wireless phone have been sold since its launch! First in black, then in silver & pink. How do you sell more? Just add a new hip and urban look. And for this, just ask tattoo artist Ami James who stars in hit cable show “Miami Ink” to design new covers. The 2 new designs feature laser-etched tattoos on brush aluminum cases. And it will cost you $70 to get one like that if you sign a contract for 2 years. To all graphic artists of this world, there is money to make if you can sell a cool cover design to Motorola. They want the Razr to sell for many more years. Motorola      

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  1. 1 macy Apr 15th, 2007 at 7:06 pm

    these are rreally cool i got a razr saturday and the first thing that came up is MIAMI INK! so i got on and i love the pink one you guys did a fantastic job all tatoos have a purpose you dont just put them on to be cool but putting tatoos on a phone is to be cool and that is awsome!

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