Doc’s Choppers. Almost Like Ours.

Chopper motorcycles have little brothers called chopper bicycles. And the little brothers are a lot of fun for both for adults and teenagers. They sit in the shops and private garages of the most famous motorcycle builders and you can even see some of us riding them during bike events (I love to see the face of our fans when they see us pedaling down the street). But you can be sure that we don’t want to be caught on camera riding a chinese factory chopper bicycle. Our chopper bicycles are, like our motorcycles, fully customized. So, what is the best place for you if you want your own and be certain that nobody will ride the exact same? You talk to a guy called Doc based in a chopper and low rider bicycles paradise called Miami Beach. The guy will listen to you, propose a choice of frames, parts and custom paint jobs, and will build your custom bicycle following your wish list. Now, hurry up to order yours because Doc just appeared on the popular TV show “Miami Ink” and may be already overwhelmed by the volume of custom orders. Call Doc on my behalf at 786-200-4756 or visit

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  1. 1 Mathew Officer Mar 26th, 2008 at 9:51 pm

    Hi there
    I live in New Zealand and was wondering what is the price for one of these Bicycle’s and how much it would cost to send to New Zealand ?

    Kind Regards
    Mathew Officer

    Email Address: [email protected]

  2. 2 northwest chopper bicycles Nov 20th, 2008 at 10:13 pm

    This is funny !…… Cyril ? almost like his bikes? OMG… one HUGE differance,,,,,, Cyril builds his !
    frames and all !….
    He dont send them out to have made….
    Doc you may bolt parts on…but thats it.
    The miami ink deal doc did was a joke……… The preditor (bone chopper) We Built FOR doc was shown…….and DOC made like it was his design…
    hey Doc……. Did you ask Cyril about the Northwest chopper His son fell in love with or how the photo shoot that he did with us for THE SPEED channel went ?
    Did you tell him your popularity comes from the northwest chopper you ordered custom built ?
    Or did you tell him also that you built it ?
    Is your bikes posted on his site Right along With northwest choppers?
    Your a fake….
    POSER !!
    The deal is still on the table… Ready to do the show ?…or you gonna have this deleated like your Face book page ?
    you know how to reach us……
    80 bikes 8 countries ! and took 3 years off !

  3. 3 tattoo design Feb 20th, 2010 at 1:53 am

    Miami ink is a great serie, I really love kate she is so cool. I hope they will continue it forever:-).

  4. 4 Doc Chopper Jun 7th, 2010 at 5:46 pm


    “Oh Brother! I didn’t want it to come to this, but here goes…I don’t like the spine bike! That’s it! I had it out for one Freakbike ride and then I stripped it and put it on the shelf until I have a ton of cash to throw at it. It needs custom paint and a complete new front end with a fork-stop. The 40 pound tuning fork doesn’t work for me. Problem is that nobody can find a triple tree to outfit the thing. I only bust out the FRAME for Public Relations opportunities to try to get my money’s worth out of it. As far as not giving you credit for it, I stick to…” If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.” I called you with the idea, I sent you the bones, then you named it what you wanted and published it in a magazine without giving ME any credit AT ALL. Now you want to further discredit me. I wonder why?

    It sounds like you are bitter that, when I got your bike five years ago, I had already produced a few bikes with other fabricators and didn’t want another bike from you.

    Anybody that cares already knows I am proud to be a designer and a general contractor and that I claim ONLY to be a designer, submitting designs to fabricators and having designs fabricated. Can I be more repetitive or redundant with that claim? It says it on my website, my You Tube channel and on the discussion boards. I phrased it as nicely as I could but now I gotta say it, I just liked the other guys work better. Get over it! I hate to draw cheesy parallels but it’s like O.C.C. when they bust on Jr because he isn’t working hard. They say he just wants to be a Designer. When I first heard that I knew my place and I knew I would have to take crap for it.

    Next, challenging a guy that you know doesn’t weld to a welding contest is like me challenging you to a neuromusculophysiopathology naming contest or an X-Ray interpretation contest, it’s just silly.

    As for just, “bolting on parts,” that’s B.S. The welder I chose over you will tell you that I designed the Wave Rider and developed it, with him, as a PROTOTYPE in no uncertain terms. I still have my original sketches.

    Since we perfected the frame, I have had Wave Riders made by the motorcycle shop who produced my jig, and even Lowlife for a monster version. My design is sound. My jig is bad ass. What does it matter if I have more than one fabricator? If you were getting so many orders that you had to hire more fabricators, then YOU wouldn’t be welding all your frames either…Duh! And the parts that I do, “bolt on,” are CUSTOM BICYCLE parts. What YOU bolt on takes you out of the bicycle category and into the moped category.

    As for stealing the straight tube design, not only is it vastly different from yours…it’s a triangle. Do you own the rights to triangles? All ANYBODY needs to do to design a frame is draw a triangle to represent the tubes and then bend them however they choose to, while maintaining structural integrity. If you don’t bend the tubes, you get the bike in question. The simplest bike anybody could design. The one you pointed out was a N.N. Type 1 with tank plates…..Oh yeah, “interchangeable-tank plates.” A feature I designed 5 or 6 years ago that other people copied and I never cried about….

    You want to tell folks who welded some of my bikes? That doesn’t hurt me. I’ve had 7 fab. guys already and It was easy to know who to stick with. For me it’s about good welds first, but it’s also the availability and personality of the people who I ask for help.


    The guy has slandered me on a few other sites so I wanted to post this all in one place, not in 20 separate comments.

  5. 5 Doc Chopper Jun 7th, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    Sorry for the late response to NWCB Tim’s whining, but I just noticed it.

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