Italian Design

I love Italy. For many reasons I may explain to you some day. One of them is that Italians have always produced some of the most innovative designs in the world: for fashion, architecture, automobile and decoration. Let’s not forget the motorcycle industry and the design of custom accessories. The leader is called Livio Rebuffini and he just sent me the first pictures of his new line of Mini Hand Controls for 2007. Bel Lavoro! (Beautiful work).Instead of hiding the master cylinder (which is also a good idea), the Mini hand controls make it the most interesting visual part of the design. This picture shows you only 1 out of 3 available designs (called Alpha, Beta & Gamma).What I also like is the fact that these controls will look very cool on all types of bikes, from Bobbers to Choppers to Street Racers. They will be available in polish, chrome or black anodizing (my preference). I will distribute these controls in the US and they will be soon in my If you can’t wait to be on the waiting list or just need more info, write to me at [email protected].    .    

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  1. 1 DJ Chopper God Dec 18th, 2006 at 5:38 pm

    Sweet design!!! Very Yaffesque. Would work well with some of Paul’s other part and certainly stand on there own. Not sure when I’ll use front brakes on a bike again but when I do those will definitely come to mind. Glad to hear your carrying them.

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