Mike Tomas Of Kiwi Indian Meets With Twisted Sister, The Iron Men Of Rock & Roll.

This post is an email sent to me by Mike Tomas, the Indian Motorcycles guru. I publish it as received: "Cyril, Some very true words spoken here. We are all so lucky in this business to be able to share our passion with others and for others to enjoy our creations. Yesterday we had Twisted Sister stop in on their SoCal reunion tour. What a delight, we ended up having dinner together, going to their concert and after concert party. Dee and Mark wanted to cancel their
show just to stay and hang out at our shop.They loved what we had going on and we’ll spend a couple of day riding around through Death Valley. We wake up every day not knowing what great things will happen that day. These are the great experiences that we (meaning all us builders) get from being in this fantastic industry".

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  1. 1 Brian Klock Dec 21st, 2006 at 1:28 pm

    Kiwi (Mike) is a true ambassador for our sport! Congrats on the chance, good things come to those who give it back. It is great to hear this kind of news at a time when so many are fretting their position in the industry and the Christmas rush can get people bogged down. Hats off to Mike and all those who enjoy the camaraderie that comes from Motorcycles. Keep living your passion!

    Here’s to a fantastic 2007!

    Brian Klock
    Klock Werks

  2. 2 Rick Dec 21st, 2006 at 7:33 pm

    Oh yeh, you think thats cool, I got a chance to hang out with Mike (Kiwi) last night over the telephone deliberating over what style of glider/recliner to buy my pregnant wife for Christmas. He is truly a prince among men and knows more about glider chairs than the sales lady who was helping me. Thanks Mike! I didn’t know the springs on your front ends came from the Barcalounger factory! No wonder those front ends handle so well. How did you say they handle in the full recline position? J/K, have a Merry Christmas everyone, don’t forget all of the blessings we have. -Rick

    PS- Klock, I’ll be seeing you in Bonny 07 with my fully blown Barcalounger Racer – it’s fast, better watch out. Congrats on the marriage!

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