Celebs And Motorcycle Appeal.

Bikes have always attracted celebrities. Here a list of a few of them who rode or ride because they love it.

Roy Rogers : the late king of the Cowboys’ movies rode motorcycles into his late years. Clark Gable: he had a 1938 Harley Knucklehead. He made the cover of a 1942 issue of Harley’s The Enthusiast. Elvis Presley: he owned several bikes but preferred his Harley. James Dean : he had a passion for 4 and 2 wheels. Owned 7 motorcycles when he was killed in a car accident at the age of 24. Lee Marvin: the movie tough guy who pitted his Harley-mounted gang against Marlon Brando’s Triumph-riding bunch in 1954’s "The Wild One". Rode his own motorcycles in desert races. Steve McQueen:he was a good rider able to do motorcycle stunt work in “The Great Escape”. He loved to participate in racing events. Malcolm Forbes: the Fortune Magazine publisher got addicted to bikes in the 50’s. He eventually had 70 bikes and his Harley Club was called the Capitalist Tools. Cher: always tried to get the bad-girl bike look. Owned a 94 Harley Fat Boy. Bob Dylan:had a motorcycle crash in 1966 and disappeared for many years. He says now that the accident caused him to reassess all his life. Lauren Hutton: the ex-supermodel is a longtime motorcycle enthusiast. Famous crash in 2000 at 110-mph during a ride with Dennis Hopper and members of the Guggenheim Motorcycle Club. Her helmet saved her beaitiful face. Ann Richards : the late Texas Governor celebrated her 60th birthday by getting her biker’s license. She had a Harley, and it made for good photo ops. Arnold Schwarzenegger:: we know he was riding a Harley Fat Boy in the “Terminator” but we didn’t know until a mini crash this year that he didn’t have the proper license to ride. Wesley Snipes : In 1994 he led Florida police on a 30-mile, 120-mph chase. As restitution he paid a fine and did community service. Lyle Lovett: states that he always hesitated between motorcycles and music. True? Gary Busey: the actor in “The Buddy Holly Story” was a bike enthusiast who actively campaigned against mandatory helmet laws. He made headlines in 1988 after a serious crash. He still rides with or witjout a helmet. Tim Mc Graw : the country singer used to ride a Harley on stage. I know because I started his bike for this purpose at his concert in Milwaukee during Harley 95th anniversary. Dan Aykroyd : the comedian has owned many motorcycles, even riding one in the funeral procession of John Belushi. He loved the bike I built called "Harley Blues" and sent me the picture above. Jay Leno : everybody is aware of his huge cars & bikes collection kept in a Burbank warehouse. He frequently participates to Harley rallies and charity events where he rides whatever the factory gives him to showcase..  


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