O School Choppers Minimal Mirrors

O School Chopper, out of Las Vegas, offers these minimal mirrors for Choppers & Bobbers. Small but that you can use to see behind you, not only as a decorative piece. At 1.5” x 2.375” inches or 3.56 square inches these radical new mirrors are probably the smallest available that pass State minimum requirements (Amazing, these boys from Sin City are laws abiding citizens). They will not vibrate, and create a low profile for your custom. Manufactured from billet aluminum they are available in polished or #2 machine finished. They can be mounted on the hand controls or below your bars with an optional arm, which is cool for those using ape hangers. Contact Adam or Chop at .

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  1. 1 CHOP Oct 30th, 2006 at 5:25 pm

    Thanks Cyril that was nice of you to include us. Also mention the chopper chciks show airing early Nov. 3 outrageous Vegas girls building a chopper in O School, its been a riot producing.

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